Dorms (mature read)

Its About A Girl Who Is From A Town But Then She Has To Move And Go To Dawson Collage Will Niall, harry and Louis Make Her Get Feelings For Them Or Will She Quit Collage

Find Out


1. Hi

hi guys i im not copying another movella im just taking some ideas from that movella so don't say im copying ok if u wanna check out that movella the title is Another Badboy16+ shall we get started

Clarity's pov

i went to my locker and got my books out "Anna" i said locking my locker and heading up to her "ready for math" i said  she nodded and smiled when we arrived at math we stopped in front of the door and did are secret handshake and entered "hi Mr. lage" i said sitting down next to Anna "hi did u eat ur lunch this time" i nodded "clarity plz come to the office" the speaker said i got up and went to the office "ur being transferred go pack up now" the girl said i nodded i went back to class to get my things "im being transferred " i said Anna ran up to me and hugged me "don't leave me: she said crying " i have no choice " i said crying hugging her we all did a group hug "bye call me and text " i said she nodded and watched me leave

when she arrives at London

i went the office 'hi i got transferred here what's my dorm number ' i said asking softly "she gave me to the key to my dorm along with my uniform  " down the hall on ur right room 201" she said i thanked her and walked to the room with my suitcase i opened the door to see a guy with no shirt playing on his laptop "hi im new here " i said he looked up at me "who the fuck are u " he said getting up "im ur new roommate" i said "great" he said going back to his laptop i went in the bathroom and changed into my pjs when i came out i saw him smirking "what " i spat "u have a good body " i scoffed and layed on my bed i turned my light off "goodnight " i said "night " he said sighing


i woke up to voices i rubbed my eyes and looked next to me "dude she fucking cute like tumbler cute"  a voice said i looked next to me and got up they whistled i grabbed y clothes and put on my ripped jeans with my neon tank top and put on my camo shoes and applied my regular makeup when i got out of the bathroom "what's up sweet cheeks" a Irish guy said "my name is clarity and nothing up" i said "hard to get i like that" they said i got my books out and headed to gym  


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