The Move

What happens when 3 best friends move to London and meet One direction? There will be love, relationships, tragedy, and heartache. Maybe everything will work out in the end.. But maybe it won't. Read to find out!! <3


45. ~Chapter 44~

Emma's POV

I glanced over and saw someone I thought was out of my life forever, someone who I never thought would see again.. Someone who I thought was long gone. Carson.

I instantly starting crying. I grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him out of the restaurant without being noticed by Carson.

"Whats wrong??" Harry asked worried.

"C-Carson is here! We need to leave!" I said with tears rolling down my cheek.

"Leave and go where?" Harry asked as we quickly walked back to the hotel.

"Back h-home!"

"Okay, okay. I'll have a private jet come since there's not another flight till Monday. It'll be okay.. I won't let him get you." Harry said comforting me as we walked back up to our hotel room.

"I gotta call Jamie.." I said getting out my phone.

"Ok I'll call and get the jet."

I dialed Jamie's number and was trying not to cry but was having trouble.



"Whats wrong?"

"Carson's here. In Paris. Were coming b-back."

"Oh my gosh.. I thought he was dead.." Jamie said starting to freak out.

We talked for a couple minutes until me and Harry had to go to the airport to get on the jet. We were soon on the jet and on our way back to London.

Niall's POV

I woke up in the morning before Autumn and went and made breakfast.. Which turned out pretty well. I made pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Oh yeah who's the chef now Emma? Haha. I poured some orange juice for both of us and Autumn came downstairs. Prefect timing.

"Aww. You made breakfast.. How sweet." She said kissing me. "Thanks babe."

"You're welcome Mrs. Horan." I said smiling at her.

We ate breakfast and decided to go swimming. We got our swimsuits on and made our way to the pool.

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