The Move

What happens when 3 best friends move to London and meet One direction? There will be love, relationships, tragedy, and heartache. Maybe everything will work out in the end.. But maybe it won't. Read to find out!! <3


29. ~Chapter 28~

Niall's POV

We just finished the last concert of the tour and it was sick! I had such a blast! Were going out to a club to celebrate and will take the bus home since were in the UK. We should get home in the morning.

We got ready and were off to the club. Liam's not drinking so he can make sure we don't do anything stupid. Haha.

We walked in and went and got some pints. Pretty soon I was probably the drunkest I've ever been in my life. I looked around for Liam but couldn't see him anywhere. My vision was a little bit blurry.. Okay.. It's really blurry but oh well. I drank a little more than I should have.

I looked over and saw this girl that looked exactly like Autumn from what I could see. She came over and sat next to me and we got a picture and talked some even though I was slurring my words. Next thing I knew she kissed me and I was kissing back. Liam came over and grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the club yelling at me the whole time. I really wasn't paying attention.. I was completely zoning out. Liam helped me onto the bus and into my bunk and less than a minute later I was out.

I woke up in the morning at about 11:30 with a horrible headache.. That's what I get for drinking so much. I took some medicine and got dressed. We finally get to go home! We'll be there in a couple minutes so me and the guys packed our stuff up and were ready to see the girls. Our driver dropped us off and we rushed inside and into the elevator. We dragged our suitcases down the hall and Harry knocked on the girls' door and Emma answered with Jamie standing behind her.

"Emma!" Harry yelled picking her up and spinning her around.

Me and Liam walked in.

"I missed you so much!" Liam said hugging Jamie and kissing her.

"I missed you too!" Jamie said smiling.

"Where's Autumn?" I asked.

"She was in the living room." Emma replied not losing her gaze with Harry.

I started to walk to the living room but Autumn came around the corner.

"Hey Princess!" I said about to kiss her put she put her hand up and held me back.

"Don't call me that Niall."

"What? Why? What's wrong?"

"You tell me Niall." She said, tears in her eyes.

Pretty soon everyone came in and was staring at us silently. This can't be good.. She held her phone up to reveal a video of me and some girl kissing. Those are the clothes I wore last night.. That happened last night. Oh no..

"Aut-" I started but she cut me off.

"No Niall! I'm done! I really fell for you.. but I mean absolutely nothing to you. I know a girl like me would never stay with a guy like you.. I was so sure you were different. I guess not. Sorry I wasn't good enough. Now go ahead and make your little phone call for the next girl you want. Don't talk to me again." She said tears running down her cheeks. She walked down the hall to her room.

"Autumn Stop! You mean everything to me! I love you!"

"No you don't Niall! I'm done playing this sick game of you saying you love me and me believing it and falling deeper and deeper in love with you. Game over."

"Autumn I was so drunk and she looked like you and-"

"Just drop it." Autumn said walking in her room and locking the door behind her.

"Let me at him!!" Jamie yelled trying to jump at me while the others held her back.

"You've got to be kidding me Niall!!" Emma screamed trying to get at me to but Harry held her.

This just broke my heart into a million pieces. I feel like my whole world is crashing down. I really am the biggest jerk in the universe. I don't deserve her. She doesn't deserve to go through what I've put her through.

"How'd I know Niall? How'd I know that you were a player this whole time!? And I was actually gaining faith in you.. Well all of that's completely gone!" Jamie said after the others let go of her.

"I hope you know you broke her heart! She loved you Niall! And the sad thing is she will probably always love you.. but she won't ever take you back again. Thank god." Emma said angrily.

"And you were wrong Harry! You said that Autumn was different to him.. She wasn't." Jamie said sadly.

I walked to her door and was about to knock but I realized she's not gonna take me back. I've lost the chance. My back slid down her door and I sat on the ground crying with my head on my knees. I lost her.

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