The Move

What happens when 3 best friends move to London and meet One direction? There will be love, relationships, tragedy, and heartache. Maybe everything will work out in the end.. But maybe it won't. Read to find out!! <3


21. ~Chapter 20~

I'm getting really worried about Liam.. He's barely come out of his room and it's been a week. The guys were supposed to go on tour yesterday but Liam refuses.

I walked into the living room to find Autumn sitting there sleeping on Niall's shoulder. Her face was still tear stained and she looked horrible. I sat down on the couch and texted Jamie apologizing, minutes later she replied and I was happy and scared to see what she said.

I unlocked my phone and read it. It says..

From: Jamie. I'm sorry too Emma and I forgive you. We can't let something based off Autumn and Niall ruin our friendship. I know you and Harry lied to protect them.. But it would be better if I just stayed here. Sorry. Love, Jamie.

I sighed and suddenly an idea popped in my head. I've gotta pull this off, I thought. I got up and walked to Harry's apartment and told him the whole plan. Were going to America.


"America. Here we come." I said as the plane took off.

I looked at Harry who smiled at me and gripped my hand even tighter. I fell asleep the entire plane ride which is pretty long. The plane landed and Harry shook me lightly.

"Hey, babe. Wake up.. Were here." Harry said tired, which made his accent sound thicker.

I got up and we got off the plane and went to the baggage claim to get our luggage. We got our bags and walked out. It took forever but I finally hailed a cab.. We got in and got to Jamie's house maybe 20-25 minutes later. I hesitated but finally knocked. A minute later Jamie opened the door and looked at us in shock.

"What are you guys doing here!?" Jamie asked, I couldn't tell her emotion.

"Can we come inside to explain?" I asked and she nodded letting us in.

"Look Jamie, Liam really misses you.. He barely eats or sleeps. He barely comes out of his room! We were supposed to go on tour yesterday but he refuses. He's heartbroken!" Harry said, sadly.

"I..I- just can't go back okay? No one told me about them. I could get over them dating but they lied to me. Liam knew and he didn't tell me, so I couldn't trust him. That's why I broke up with him." Jamie said.

"But that's just it... He didn't know. He was always in his room planning that date in secret when you were out. And Jamie, I know you're mad at Autumn and Niall but think about it.. He fought for her. He didn't listen to you cause he really loves her. They hid it from you for your own protection. I've been friends with Niall long enough to know that he's gonna be different with her." I said, pretty much pouring my heart out.

"She's 18 Jamie.. She can make her own decisions. Don't worry about her and Niall. He won't hurt her again." Harry said sincerely.

"Okay.. I just need to think.." Jamie said sounding upset.

"Well we go back tomorrow night and the tour starts the next day. You're welcome to come.. I just want you to know that Autumn feels horrible and has cried everyday since you left." I said.

"I'll think about it, but way to make me feel like a jerk." Jamie said looking at the ground.

"Guilt tripping always works. Let us know what you decide." I said and me and Harry walked back out to the cab.

The driver took us to my moms house, where we'd be staying until we leave tomorrow. I really hope Jamie comes back..


I woke up in my bed and Harry on the floor. I couldn't help but laugh that my mom made him sleep there. The rest of the day lasted of Harry and Phillip coloring and talking and me catching up on all the sleep I've lost since the whole fight. It was about time to leave and Jamie said she'd let us know by 6:00 and it's 5:58.

"I think it's a no.." I said looking sadly at Harry with tears in my eyes.

He just pulled me close while I cried in his shoulder. He kept saying it'll be okay but no it won't be. I lost one of my best friends over something stupid that could've been resolved in a better way, but no... I'm not going to get mad at Autumn. I understand why they hid it. I just wish they would've saved themselves this huge fight and told Jamie. I realize what she meant know. She's only slightly mad about them dating because she doesn't trust Niall. What she really hates is that they never told her. They lied so she left.

"Come on love, your mum is going to take us to the airport." Harry said grabbing my hand.

"O-okay.." I said taking a shaky breath in.

We got in the car and were about to leave when Jamie's car pulled up and I got out and so did she.

"Emma I made up my mind.." Jamie said looking at me.

"Okay.. What is it?" I asked crossing my fingers that she'd say yes.

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