The Move

What happens when 3 best friends move to London and meet One direction? There will be love, relationships, tragedy, and heartache. Maybe everything will work out in the end.. But maybe it won't. Read to find out!! <3


3. ~Chapter 2~

Emma's POV

 We danced for a bit to songs both fast and slow. It was great. Until I walked away to go use the bathroom.

I walked into the bathroom all normal and "did my bidnis" but before I came out of the stall I started to hear kissing sounds and giggling so I opened the door slowly so as not to disturb them. But it wasn't what I expected. Lucy Straun was lying on the floor in a bra and lacy underwear making out with CARSON!

"How could you?" I whispered barely audible.

He turned his head slightly still not seeing me so I said again loudly, tears threatening to fall "HOW COULD YOU?!"

Lucy and Carson stood, Lucy glaring, Carson not saying anything.

"Carson! You are a no good LIAR! How could you cheat on me!? We've been dating for a year now! I thought you loved me! I loved you! Key word loved!"

"I can explain!" He pleaded.

"And so can I! He came in here to F*** with me and not you! I'm the one he wants, he never loved you. Hell, I doubt anyone ever could! God! All this time I spent trying to get rid of you when all I had to d-"

"SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP! I am so done! With both of you!" I said tears streaming. I ran to Lucy and punched her square in the nose. She tackled me and I twisted and got on top. She threw a punch and hit my side, I threw a punch and hit her at her weak point. Her stomach. She had always hated having the wind knocked out of her.

I stood and smacked Carson across the face then got nailed one more time in the cheek by Lucy.

I stood gaining my balance and ran. I just backed up and ran. I bolted out as fast as I could... in heels.

Apparently Autumn and Jamie saw me running because I heard footsteps following close behind and no one could keep up with me when I ran except them. I was the fastest runner at our school but I was never on track though they had begged me several times over.

"Stop!" Jamie shouted.

"Emma wait! What happened!" Autumn said.

I slowed to a stop and began to sit on the pavement and just... cry. Jamie and Autumn held me brushing my hair back and rubbing my shoulders in little circles soothingly. This is why these people are my friends. I thought.

"Will you tell us what happened?" Autumn asked.

So I told them. I told them of the whole scene. The makeout session, Lucy, Carson, and the fight. And when I finished they simply held me and let me cry. We didn't speak, or move really. And when I had cried myself out I started to drift into sleep.

Autumn's POV

 Emma finished crying after a while and I could feel her muscles slowly starting to relax beneath me. She had fallen asleep. I got up and Jamie continued to hold her while I went in and told my dad we were going home early and I got Jack to help take Emma to my car. We drove to Emma's house, Jamie and I. And when we got out we carried Emma inside and layed her on the couch and her mom, who's extremely nice, layed a quilt over her.

Jamie and me crept up the stairs to her room and got showers. When I finished I saw the turban towel head Jamie speaking to the now awake Emma.

"Your awake. Did you sleep well?"

"Yah, I did acctually." She said speaking in quiet whispers.

We watched a movie after that. A scary one called "The Conjuring". It was good that she got her mind off things for a while.

Soon we all drifted off to sleep, thinking of the wonders to come tomorrow.


Thanks for reading everyone. Don't worry the chapters aren't going to skip around so much anymore and just wait. DRAMA is coming up so STAY TUNED! Heart, like, and comment!

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