The Move

What happens when 3 best friends move to London and meet One direction? There will be love, relationships, tragedy, and heartache. Maybe everything will work out in the end.. But maybe it won't. Read to find out!! <3


18. ~Chapter 17~

Emma's POV

I woke up in the morning and saw Autumn and Niall cuddling on the couch asleep, I was leaning on Harry like a pillow, Louis and Zayn were on the side by side recliners, and Liam and Jamie were nowhere in sight.

"Hey Harry, wake up."

"Yeah?" He asked groggily.

"Did Jamie and Liam come home last night?" I asked, concerned.

"Don't worry. If Jamie is with Liam he'll protect her."

"I still wanna know where they are."

"I'll help you look. I bet I know where they are. Liam told me his whole plan so I can bet their at glow stone cove."


"Just get ready. Bring a bathing suit, 2 towels, 2 blankets, and a bathing suit for Jamie. I'll get one of Liam's bathing suits."


After I had gotten ready I walked out and found everyone still asleep and Harry waiting for me patiently.

"Man girls are slow." He said jokingly.

"Shut up." I said giggling.

We drove to an unfamiliar beach and I followed him to a rocky area of the shore.

"Follow me."

"I'm right behind you."

We walked along the rocks until we made our way to a clear part. We swam along the shore until we reached a bigger rock and a rocky wall.

"What now?"

"You really have to ask that?"

Good thing I have long legs.


We made our way through a strange, dark, mysterious cave until I bumped into someone.

"Harry where are you?"

"Over here." He said. A spark and he was holding a lit match. His eyes showed shock and I followed his gaze until my eyes rested upon a sleeping Liam that was holding a Jamie in his arms. My only problem... they were half naked.

"Jamie! LIAM!" I yelled growling the last part.

"Huh." Jamie opened an eye and saw me standing there, then saw a smirking Harry who's eyes were laughing.

"It is so not what it looks like. Nothing happened I promise. I didn't have a bathing suit so I had to strip to avoid ruining my dress."


"She's telling the truth." Liam piped in.

"He's not lying. He is a terrible liar so I would know if he was. And here I am thinking my boy finally got some. Such a disappointment." We all burst out laughing.

"Let's go. Here take a towel and a blanket. You guys must be freezing."


Jamie's POV

As we drove home I sat huddled up against Liam like a pillow dressed in my bathing suit,  a black bikini with colorful red flowers like from Spongebob, a towel to dry myself and a warm blanket.

When we arrived back at the house I went in and headed straight for my room.

However it was my turn to be shocked and flare up in anger for Autumn and Niall were sitting together on the couch, fully clothed, so it wasn't as bad but it still killed me because... they were kissing.

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