The Move

What happens when 3 best friends move to London and meet One direction? There will be love, relationships, tragedy, and heartache. Maybe everything will work out in the end.. But maybe it won't. Read to find out!! <3


12. ~Chapter 11~

Jamie's POV

"Will we have teams?" Emma asked.

"Yeah, four on each team." Zayn replied.

"Alright.. Captains?" I asked.

"Autumn and Niall!" Louis yelled.

They agreed and we sat on the couch while Autumn and Niall stood in front of us. Autumn was going to pick first.

"Louis!" Autumn yelled and Louis went and stood next to her and they did a really stupid handshake that made us laugh.

"Oh thanks Autumn! This feels like gym class again.." I yelled.

"Harold!" Niall said and Harry went and stood next to him.

"Emma." Autumn said.

"Liam." Niall said pointing at him.

"Hmm.. I guess.. I'll pick Jamie." Autumn said laughing,

"Yay!" I said going and standing by her.

"So I get Zayn!" Niall said.

"Bring it on tomorrow Horan!" Autumn yelled smirking at him.

"Oh! We will!" Niall said walking out with Liam, Harry, and Zayn behind him.

Louis was going to stay with us cause he would've been an easy target at his apartment. We all got ready for bed and went to our rooms. Louis stayed in the guest bedroom. We were going to discuss the whole prank thing in the morning. I went to my room and fell asleep.

We all got up in the morning. Of course Autumn was the last one up. She went to get a shower. I made sure the front door was locked, so nobody could get in. Then I went in the kitchen and started making breakfast.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Autumn screamed.

We all ran to the bathroom to see her looking at her hair. I tried not to laugh so I covered my mouth.

"My hair.. Is blue. BLUE!" Autumn yelled angrily.

"It'll wash out in a day or two." Louis said calmly.

"We need to get them back.." I said.

"Okay. I have a plan." Louis said smirking.

"You know that invisible plastic wrap stuff?" Louis asked.

"Yeah." We said.

"Okay, we put it in the hallway and we'll have Emma scream and Harry will run out to try to get to her put he gets caught in the plastic wrap.. It'll be hilarious." Louis said.

"Okay. I know we have the plastic wrap stuff. I'll get it." Autumn said.

"I'll get scissors." Emma said.

"I'll get tape." I said and we were off.

We got all the stuff and went in the hallway quietly.

"We have to do this quickly.." Louis said.

We put the plastic wrap up and got in our places. Emma went to the end of the hallway and me, Louis, and Autumn hid around the corner. We gave Emma the signal, which was Louis tapping his nose and she screamed.

"Ahh! Harry!!" Emma yelled lying on the floor pretending to be hurt.

A couple seconds later Harry came running and went face first into the plastic wrap making him fall backwards. We all started laughing and the rest of Harry's team came out and helped him up while we ran back into the room.

"That was sick!" Louis said holding his stomach from laughing so hard.

"I recorded the entire thing!" Autumn said happily.

"Put it on twitter!" I yelled.

"Already ahead of you." Autumn said while posting it on twitter.

"So now what?" I asked.

"We can't leave the room.. They'll take the opportunity to get us while were gone." Autumn said.

"Yeah.. We can watch a movie." Emma said.

We all agreed on watching Insidious.

"I'm not gonna have nightmares.. No.." Emma said sarcastically.

"I'll protect you, wimps." I said.

We sat down on the couch and the movie started. Pretty soon we were all asleep.

I woke up and looked around. Everyone was still asleep. I looked at them and saw they had stuff written on their face in permanent marker.

"Guys! Wake up!" I yelled.

"What?" Louis said.

"They wrote on our faces!" I yelled looking at my reflection of myself on my phone.

We all ran to the bathroom and looked at our faces. I had a fake mustache and a unibrow, Emma had a fake mustache with dots everywhere, Autumn had a fake beard and on her forehead it said I love Niall, and Louis had sideburns and drawings all over his face. We looked at each other and couldn't help but laugh.

I looked on twitter to see a picture of all of us Niall posted. He also had one of Autumn with her now blue hair. I showed everybody and we all laughed.

"How'd they get in?" Emma asked.

"They must have a key.." I said.

"We need to prank them back, The prank war is over at 5. We only have a couple hours left." Louis said.

"Well they're all in Liam's apartment.." Autumn said.

"Lets sneak attack them.. We'll dump water on em'. I said.

We all agreed and grabbed Autumn's water guns and filled them up with ice cold water.

"Ready?" Emma asked.

"Yes." Louis said.

We walked across the hall and Louis unlocked Liam's door. We walked in slowly. They were all in the living room. We snuck up behind them and we sprayed them all.

"We surrender! We surrender!" Niall yelled.

We all cheered and jumped around happily.

"Don't rub it in.. By the way you look nice with blue hair." Niall said laughing.

"What do you guys wanna do now?" I asked.

"Let's go to a club!" Niall said and everyone agreed.

"You guys can.. I'm really sore." Autumn said.

"Oh I'm sorry.. I'll stay here with you." Niall said feeling bad.

"No. Go.. Have fun." Autumn said chuckling.

"Are you sure?"


We went and got ready and so did the guys. I put on a blue dress with a sweetheart neckline, curled my hair, and put on black heels. Emma straightened her hair and put on a poofy pink dress with black heels. We walked out and saw the guys were waiting in the living room for us.

"Bye kids! Don't get in trouble." Autumn said.

We all said our goodbyes to Autumn and we left. Harry drove this time and we were all pretty nervous about it.. But he did fine. We got out and went in the club. Of course I was the one who couldn't drink cause I had to drive us home. So while everyone was at the bar, me and Liam went and danced. It was so funny cause neither of us can dance good.

I texted Autumn and asked if she was ok and she said yeah. I looked and saw Niall who was surrounded by a bunch of girls, flirting. I know him and Autumn aren't dating.. Thankfully. This just annoys me.. He's definitely not on my good side. I must admit.. Liam treats me amazingly, and Harry makes Emma so happy. I'm okay with Harry.. But not with Niall. No.. Just no.

"You okay.? You look like you're in deep thought.." Liam asked

"Oh yeah, I'm fine." I said smiling.

I looked and saw Niall with just one girl now.. She was tall and had light brown hair that was styled and she had on designer clothes.. I could tell she was a model. I rolled my eyes and looked away, extremely annoyed.

About 2 hours passed and me and Liam talked almost the whole time. He's just so easy to talk to.. I hate to say it but I think I might be starting to fall in l-l-love with him. It was really late so we all agreed to leave.

We walked out to the van and got in. Niall was bringing the girl home with him.. I started driving and we got back to the building within 5 minutes. We all went inside and went to our own apartments. I think we all know what Niall and that girl were going.. Good thing I don't have to worry about him and Autumn anymore. Maybe she'll see that he's not who she thinks he is.

We walked in the apartment and Emma went straight to her room and fell asleep. I went to my room, changed, and fell asleep about 10 minutes later.

Niall's p.o.v.

I woke up in the morning with the girl I met last night next to me. I have to admit, she was stunning. I really like her.. Her name is Laura. She made me forget all about Autumn. I took her on a date around 2 o'clock. We went to a fancy restaurant, it was pretty nice. I was thinking about asking her to be my girlfriend but it was too soon.

The rest of the guys already knew her, since they introduced us to each other. Speaking of the guys.. They just came over. Along with Jamie and Emma.

"Where's Autumn?" Louis asked.

"She's not feeling good, so she's staying in bed." Emma replied.

Normally, I would go over and comfort her and we'd talk and just have a lazy day but I can't now.

"So who's this..?" Jamie asked annoyed.

"This is Laura." I said.


It's been 2 weeks, and yes I finally worked up the nerve to ask out Laura. She said yes! Me and Autumn have barely talked since I started dating Laura.. But oh well. We just went over to Jamie, Emma's, and Autumn's for a movie night.

"What movie?" Jamie asked.

"Stepbrothers!" Louis yelled.

We all agreed and sat on the couch. I put my arm around Laura and kissed her cheek.

"Alright Niall. I can't hold it in anymore! You pretended that you liked Autumn! You told her you had feelings for her.. You kissed her! You said you wanted her! You had her falling for you.. But no! You never asked her out! You went out and got a freaking model! I hope you know that you're pathetic and I really don't like you! You're the reason people have trust issues.. Bye! Have a nice day!" Jamie yelled walking to her room with Autumn behind her.

I honestly didn't know what to say.. I felt horrible. Maybe I am a jerk. But I just don't know what to do now. I thought I liked Autumn but Laura is something too. Why am I so stupid sometimes!?

A/N: Who do you want him to choose? You can send in the comments now!

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