That One Tiny Gift

A scene inspired by the photo on the Movellas Advent Calendar. Hope you enjoy :)


1. Christmas

Under the Christmas tree.

That's where all the gifts of Christmas lie, and always will. For that's the best place for them to hide, to be uncovered on the magical morning of Christmas by excitable, loveable families, wishing for a white Christmas as always.

I wish I could bring one.

But I, as Santa, can't control the weather.

~ ~ ~

This year is as always - travelling amongst the bitter breeze with all my fellow reindeer - but it's only when I reach Cranbrook Cottage that something feels different. This place feels special. This place feels like home.

The chimney doesn't seem to haunt me with the eerie blackness of dust and smoke. Instead, it looks like it's been cleaned just for me, and once I'm in the Tinsel outlines the mirror opposite and small stockings are dotted about the room hung onto different objects. It's all so nicely laid out.

But that's before I see the tree. When I swing myself around, my suit jingling, there stands the tall Christmas tree. The perfect tree for Christmas. Ribbons are swirled about, entwined with the silvery tinsel. Lights glimmer happily and the star, as golden as ever, stands at the top for all to see.

Heaving my sack to the ground, I begin to search the labels. Names pop out of my memory as Jake and Lucy. Digging around I bring their presents to the surface. I duck beneath the tree, aware of to not ruin its beautiful design, and place them beside each other like always.

But when I reach the last present I think differently. It's a tiny gift wrapped in swirly golden paper, topped with a bright red ribbon. Somehow it stands out from the rest of the 'common wrapped' presents.

And that's when I realises what it is.

Delicately revealing it from my sack I place it on top of the present at the front, one that you couldn't possibly miss if you walked through the door.

'For Lucy' it says on the front, memories of me writing it earlier flooding back, 'Enjoy'.

Although the present is tiny, I know it isn't worth any less than all the other presents. In fact, maybe more. To her it will seem like something pointless, something so tiny it couldn't possibly be worth a present. But it's worth way more than that. It's only when she looks inside that she'll see the true light. She'll be let into the world of magic.

All she has to do is smile and unwrap.

All she has to do is believe.

~ ~ ~

I wake up abruptly, to the sound of my name being called.

"Lucy! Lucy!"

I jump out of bed and scuttle down the hallway to my brother Jake's room.

"It's Christmas!" He yells, pulling on his dressing gown and slippers. I run back to my room and do the same, clambering down the stairs after him.

I watch as he sprints over to the stockings, peeping inside. But all I can do is stare. I stare beyond the fireplace, beyond the stockings, beyond the dining tale, all the way to the tiny present sitting on top of the others under the tree. It's shining, almost glistening, the edges a glowing red. I can tell straight away its not ordinary. It's something special. Something magical.

So whilst Jake runs upstairs to call Mum and Dad, I step up to the small present sitting beneath the Christmas tree. It may be small, but to me that doesn't make a difference. Crossing my legs, I place it on my lap, almost too happy to open it.

But when my fingers open, in slow-motion time, the tiny present I can't believe what I'm seeing - a tiny bauble so miniature, but so intricate. Different designs and patterns dodge and weave throughout the golden background, and a golden chain hangs from the top.

Stepping up I bring it to my eye-line, looking closely. It's only then that I hear it - the faint whistle of a tune. I can hear the bells ringing. I can feel the excitement of riding in Santa's sleigh. Closing my eyes, I can imagine it. I can imagine the way I would sit beside Santa himself, his reindeers guiding us through the Winter's night.

And the thing is, it seems like it's real. It's more than just a thought or a dream, it's like I'm there. My eyes refuse to open, and my journey refuses to end. But I know I can't last forever.

"Lucy, what's that?"

My Mother's voice strikes me and my eyes shoot open, the bauble slipping out of my hands and falling to the floor. At that moment, Jake swings before me and catches it swiftly in his hands.

"Is this a bauble?" he asks intriguingly, passing it over.

"It's not just any bauble. It's a magical bauble." I say.

But they all look at me like I'm crazy. As they walk away, I grasp it tightly, hanging it on the branch of the Christmas tree. I don't mind if they don't believe me; I don't mind if they think I'm a naïve little child.

To me, it's magical and to me, it's real.

After all, seeing is believing. And they never saw anything.

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