Ghostly Love

Jade moves to a new home where she has to meet new friends all because her mom remarried. The day Jade arrives to her new home she meets a ghost named Nick. While trying to figure out how to break his dreadful curse, Jade begins to fall in love with him. Will they break the curse? Will they be able to be together as they had planned? Read to find out!


2. Chapter Two

        "What would you like for dinner, Jade?" asked Henry. His tired eyes looking at me, waiting for an answer.

        "I'll cook, sweetie. You must be extremely tired from driving all day." said mom after a long silence. She was tired too I could tell. But Henry didn't refuse. He walked into the living room sat down and turned on the TV.

        All the furniture in the black mansion was red, which added to the creepy look. It actually wasn't all that bad.

        "I'm not hungry, Mom. I'm just going to go to bed." I tell her.

        I start up the stairs and moms voice stops me. I turn to face her. She's wearing her blue long sleeve shirt and blue jeans. Her dark brown hair pulled up into a ponytail. She focuses her bright green eyes on me, beaconing me toward her.

        "Jade, I know you don't want to be here. I know you didn't want to leave your friends back in Denver. You'll make new friends, it will get better. I pro-"

        "I don't want new friends. I want to go home." I tell her as calmly as I can and run up the stairs.

        This mansion is three stories high and my room is on the second floor. When I get to my room I find my luggage on the bed. Henry must have brought it up earlier. I unzip my suitcase  and pull out my pajamas. I go into the bathroom, turn on the bath water and start to undress.

        The water is warm on my skin. I wash my hair and my body and get out. I dry off and put my pajamas on and go back to my room. I take my iPod out of my bad and turn the volume up as load as it can go while Heart Attack by One Direction played.

        As I look around the room I try  to picture myself in my old room in Denver. The purple curtains, the aqua blue bed spread, the purple walls, the sticky glowing stars I put on my ceiling when I was ten. Then I realize I will never go back to that house and begin to cry.

        I turn off my iPod and lay in bed, tears rolling down my face. A few moments later I drift off to sleep.

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