Ghostly Love

Jade moves to a new home where she has to meet new friends all because her mom remarried. The day Jade arrives to her new home she meets a ghost named Nick. While trying to figure out how to break his dreadful curse, Jade begins to fall in love with him. Will they break the curse? Will they be able to be together as they had planned? Read to find out!


1. Chapter One

        I awaken to the sound of the car coming to a stop in front of my new home. My mother has married Henry Carter, a rich business man who lives in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The mansion, that will be my home, is completely black and it looks haunted. For a rich man you would it would have at least a little color.

        Henry gets out of the car and hurries around to open the door for my mother. I stay in the car for a few moments.

        "Jade! Get out of the car and come look at this beautiful place!" my mother calls. Her dark brown hair flowing in the wind.

        I get out of the car and walk up to my mother. Henry walks to the back of the car to get our things. "You can walk inside if you'd like. It's unlocked." he says, tossing his light brown hair out of his hazel eyes.

        My mother and I walk up the steps and onto the porch. Mom opens the door and we walk in. The lights are off and we can't find the light switch. Mom calls out to Henry, "Henry, Where is the light switch?"

        "It's on the wall to your right, honey." he replies.

        While mom is searching for the light switch I look around the room. Suddenly, I see something glowing white a few feet away from me. It starts to move toward me and then as soon as mom turns on the lights, it disappears.

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