Ghostly Love

Jade moves to a new home where she has to meet new friends all because her mom remarried. The day Jade arrives to her new home she meets a ghost named Nick. While trying to figure out how to break his dreadful curse, Jade begins to fall in love with him. Will they break the curse? Will they be able to be together as they had planned? Read to find out!


7. Chapter 7

After I finish my lunch, Nick and I start talking about how to reverse the curse. He says, "When I was little my mom put me through violin class and after I graduated best in my class I played the violin as much as possible. After my parents died I moved in with my uncle. He took my violin and wrapped it ravenwood vines."

"Why raven wood?" I ask.

"Ravenwood is a cursed type of tree. He took it and wrapped my violin up in it and hid it in a room on the third floor." he explains. "So I guess all we have to do is unwrap my violin and the curse will be broken."

"Then let's go find your violin and fix the curse. I know there are five rooms up there but I will do this as long as it takes." I tell him.

Nick smiles at me and reaches for my hand. He says, "I wish this wouldn't have happened to me."

"I don't." I tell him. He looks at me like he had just been heart broken and he starts to pull away. "If this wouldn't have happened to you, we probably wouldn't have met." I explain. He starts to relax and he doesn't look heart broken anymore.

"Lets go find that violin, shall we?" he asks and smiles.

"Yes we shall." i say and smile back. I start to get up but Nick stops me. "What is it?"

"I hear your mom and step dad talking. It sounds like they are talking about you." he says. "Umm... She is talking about our conversation. She overheard us talking and she thinks you had your phone on speaker so she doesn't know I'm a ghost."

"Good lets go find the violin and break this curse." I say.

Nick and I walk towards the stairway that goes upstairs. We go into the first room room on our right at the top of the stairs. When we walk in we see shelf after shelf of books and assume it's Henry's library. 

We look through the books and Nick finds the book of curses his uncle used to curse him. I turn to the index and there were hundreds of spells you could use to curse someone. The one we are looking for is the twenty-fourth spell.

We read the five pages that go with that curse and the only way to reverse it is if we unwind the ravenwood vine off the violin and Nick has to fall in love. We look at each other and I realize that was the reason he for warmer when we were in the tree house.

"Come on. It's getting late and I can tell you're getting tired." Nick says.

I follow him out of the room, down the steps, and into my room. "I'll wait here for you. Go get your shower and I'll be right here when you get out." he says and I set the book on the table. I grab my pajamas and go into the bathroom.

I take a quick shower, wash my hair and my body and get out. I dry off and put on my pajamas and go into my room.

When I walk in I don't see Nick. I look around the room and he's no where to be seen. "Nick?" I ask, and there is no answer. I try again, " Nick?" and he appears. "Where sis you go?" I ask him.

"I went upstairs to see if my uncle left any clue as to where he hid my violin." he replies.

"Did you find anything?" I ask.

"Well i did find something but it can wait for tomorrow. You look really tired." he says. 

"I'm not tired." I lie and yawn.

Nick laughs and says, "Yes, you are. Lay down and get some sleep. I promise we'll look at the papers as soon as you wake up, okay?"

"Okay." I say and clime into bed. I lay down and stare at Nick. His eyes are so beautiful and I wish I could touch him.

"What?" he asks and I realize I'm still staring at him.

"You're beautiful." I say without thinking.

"You are too, Jade." he says with a smile that's as bright as the sun. "Get some sleep. I'll be here when you wake up."

"Promise?" I ask.

Nick smiles again and says, "I promise. Good night, my sweet, beautiful Jade."

"Good night, my handsome Nick." I say and drift off to sleep.


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