Little White Lies

Hannah is a 15 year old girl who regularly goes to school and has good grades. When she moves into a new home and a new school, she discovers 5 new boys in school and starts to hang around them. They eventually become close friends but Hannah has some dark hidden secrets. Hannah ends up lying to her friends and tries everyday to keep these secrets hidden.

How long can she keep these secrets hidden? What happens when her friends find out shes been lying the whole time? Will the real secrets come out? Or will her friendship between these boys be destroyed and fade away? Read to find out in Little White Lies!


7. Chapter 5


Hey guys! Im really sorry I havent been updating. I've been really busy and havent had the time. So here is an update, and Im going to write another chapter too! 

Hannah POV

I walked out of the room and walked to my next class. Maths. Maths isnt my favourite subject, but I do like it. I walked into the classroom and straight up to the techer. "Hi, Im new here and was wandering if there is any seats for me to sit in?" My teacher nodded. "Yes, there is one right next to Mr.Styles." She said again, and pointed to n empty seat near the back of the classroom. I sat down in the seat and got out my pen,pencil,ruler etc.

*cough cough*

I looked up to see I was gonig to be sitting next to Harry. I sighed. "Hi Harry." He smiled that lovely smile and looked at me. "Looks like you're going to be sitting next to me then...." I nodded. "Right then class, get out your books and turn to page 127 and do exercise 1D, questions 1 to 6." The teacher announced and then looked at her computer. There was silence for about 10 minutes until everyone started talking. "C'mon Hannah. Whats wrong with talking?" Harry asked. I shook my head. "Nothing, Im just comcentrating on my work, and you should be too."

The day went on until it came to last lesson, Free time! I decided to go and visit the library in school, and to have some quiet time to myself. I was enjoying some peace nad quiet until those boys came and sat down next to me. "Oh, Hi Hannah! I didnt see you there!" I looked up to see them all smiling at me. "Hi guys. Im abit busy right now, so if you wanna talk to me then m....." I was interupted by Liam and Zayn. "First of all, Im really sorry for interupting you, and second. We were wandering if you would want to hang out after school with us?" I thought about it for a second. If this is going to make me popular I will, but if it only makes me look like some idiot, then no. But they are cute and popular boys. Popular girl and popular boys, I like it!

"Yes I will." I said smiling and looking at each one of them. "Great, then meet us outside in the courtyard." Zayn said, as they all stood up, and left.

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