Little White Lies

Hannah is a 15 year old girl who regularly goes to school and has good grades. When she moves into a new home and a new school, she discovers 5 new boys in school and starts to hang around them. They eventually become close friends but Hannah has some dark hidden secrets. Hannah ends up lying to her friends and tries everyday to keep these secrets hidden.

How long can she keep these secrets hidden? What happens when her friends find out shes been lying the whole time? Will the real secrets come out? Or will her friendship between these boys be destroyed and fade away? Read to find out in Little White Lies!


5. A/N

Hey guys! So, as you can see, there is no cover for this story yet. Thats because my laptop is playing and isnt saving a certain picture I want for this cover. I will try my best to make a cover ofr this story, but right now its gonna stay blank... Please be patient, and Im working on another chapter so yeah.....


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