Convergent (Full)

Lilith was never meant for Candor. The faction of truth has no place for a girl like her. So when she transfers to Erudite - the intelligence faction - at the choosing ceremony, the lack of surprise is evident. But when a mysterious cat leads her out into the city, will she discover that she made the wrong choice? And who is the strange boy in black?

Had to cut it down to 5000 words for a contest, but I enjoyed it so much I didn't wanna stop.


13. The Realisation

The next day, immediately after I'm released from hospital, Jake wastes no time in trying to convince the other initiates that I am his loving girlfriend. He spends his time in experiments and between lectures with his arm wrapped around my waist. Though this appears sweet and romantic to the other teens, it's not. It's the opposite, a control mechanism. Each time I step a foot out of line, he puts slight pressure on my lower ribs, sending shooting pulses of pain all through my body. Soon, the lectures are over and we are left to make our way to the dining hall, but Jake forcefully escorts me to our room instead.
"Finally!" He purrs, shutting the door.
"What are you doing, Jake? Can't you stop being an ass for one second?" I spit.
 Suddenly, he's on me, pushing me against the wall. He forces his lips against mine and digs his fingers into my waist. I shove him away.
 "What the hell do you think you're doing, pervert?!" I shout, staring at him in disbelief.
"I've waited all day. I've finally got you alone!" He stalks towards me, but I charge past him towards the door.
"Exactly!" I stop and turn to face him. "Which means I shouldn't have to pretend to be your perfect lover anymore!" He laughs.
"It doesn't work like that, princess." His disgusting smile crawls across his face once again. "I always get what I want. I have certain... Ways."
"What are you talking about, Jake?"
"How's your friend? Nixon, is it?" He raises his eyebrows when he says the name.
"No! Stay away from him! You said if I agreed to pretend to be with you, you'd leave him alone!" I step closer to him, trying to appear as strong as possible. It's not working.
"Well... Considering I make the rules in this arrangement... Things change." He closes the distance between us even more. "I can make pretty boy's life a living hell if you don't cooperate."
"No. Please, Jake. Just leave him alone. He hasn't done anything wrong. Please! If you're gunna do one decent thing, please, let it be this!" I feel the sob rising in my throat as I realize; I can't win this.
"All you have to do is kiss me. Properly. Passionately. The way you kiss... Him!" He spits the final word like it's cursed. I take a deep breath.
"Okay. If you promise that's all." He grabs my waist and pulls me against him.
"Of course, princess!" He kisses my cheek before whispering in my ear "For now..." I ignore the words and close my eyes.
"Kiss me!" He orders. I comply. My lips meet his gently and I fight the urge to pull away immediately. I force myself to carry on; attempting to convince my brain I'm kissing Nixon. His lips are forceful and awkward, making it even more difficult for mind to drift from reality. I have to do this. I place my hands either side of his face. For Nixon. I increase the pressure between our lips and kiss him deeper. Nixon. Nixon. Nixon. Nixon. I'm kissing Nixon. The mantra runs through my mind on repeat. And, to my surprise, it begins to work. I picture myself standing in the small wooden shack, Tilly twisting around my ankles. Nixon. I imagine the soft flick of his hair tickling my eyelids. Nixon. I lower my hand to touch his chest through his fitted black tshirt - tell-tale sign of his Dauntless affiliation. Nix- I stop. The texture I touch is not the soft, skin tight tshirt material I hoped for. It's the thin baggy material and cold plastic buttons of the blue shirt worn by Jake. And like that, I am snapped back to reality. I open my eyes and stumble backwards, disconnecting our bodies.
"What's wrong, princess?" Jake seems genuinely concerned.
"Nothing... I'm... I'm just tired." I lie. Jeez! How was I even born into Candor?!
"Lie down, gorgeous. Get some rest. Would you like a drink? A snack?" Why is he being so- Then it hits me. He wants this relationship to be real. He wants to be loved. He's gunna keep abusing me unless I... Unless I play along. Unless I make him think that I want him as much as he wants me. I decide to test the theory.
"No thank you." I reply sweetly. "I just want you to hold me while I fall asleep!" I almost laugh at how ridiculous the words sound.
"I knew it!" He exclaims. "I knew you'd want me as soon as we kissed!" Wow. I was right. He actually wants to be loved that bad.
"Of course, I don't know what I was ever thinking before! You're so..." I search my mind for a faux compliment. How am I supposed to compliment a guy I despise? "Irresistible!"
"Oh, baby, you're the irresistible one!" I have to fight the urge to gag at his words. "I have to kiss you again." He grabs my waist, pulling me against him. I wince at the pain from the pressure on my ribs. He crashes his lips to mine. I kiss him back awkwardly. Come on, Lilith, you're gunna have to try harder to persuade him. I jump and wrap my legs around his waist - which is far more painful than I expect - and kiss him harder. Nixon. Nixon. Nixon. I feel Jake's body move, and open my eyes to see that we are moving towards Caleb's bunk. Oh god. For Nixon. For Nixon. I close my eyes again, just as I crash painfully onto the mattress. Our lips disconnect and Jake's body looms above me. Nixon. Nixon. Nixon.
"Princess, I want you here and now!" Jake moans, barely finishing the sentence before his lips are on mine again. "Oh, Lilith! Your kiss is like that of a goddess."
Caleb and Craig will be back soon. They'll save me from this. They have to be back soon.
I feel Jake's mouth on my neck, kissing gently. I take myself back to the shack. I'm with Nixon. I'm lay on the floor. There's straw and mud in my hair, but I couldn't care less. Nixon caresses each inch of skin on my neck with his soft, sculptured lips. I hear Tilly mew in the background, making me giggle slightly. The kisses travel up to my jaw. I let out a sigh of pleasure. Nixon's fringe tickles my cheek.
"Say my name!" A low, panting voice demands.
"Nixon!" I moan softly. The kissing stops and the body moves from above me.
"What?" I open my eyes to see a confused Jake. Shit.

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