Convergent (Full)

Lilith was never meant for Candor. The faction of truth has no place for a girl like her. So when she transfers to Erudite - the intelligence faction - at the choosing ceremony, the lack of surprise is evident. But when a mysterious cat leads her out into the city, will she discover that she made the wrong choice? And who is the strange boy in black?

Had to cut it down to 5000 words for a contest, but I enjoyed it so much I didn't wanna stop.


12. The Deal

"What are you talking about, Jake?" I spit.
"You can't stand me? That was a little harsh, don't you think?" He whispers, stepping closer. The close proximity of his face makes me want to vomit.
"Jake, I don't know what yo-"
"I followed you!" He cuts in. "All the way to your little meet up with the Dauntless boy."
Oh no. This can't be good. Even though I didn't think it was possible, he brings his face even closer to mine.
"It's okay. I'm sure we can strike a deal!" He whispers.
"What deal?" I asked, intrigued.
"I won't tell Kai you've been sneaking out - thus, saving you from being factionless - if you go out with me." A disgusting smiles creeps onto his face.
"What? How is that gunna benefit you in any way?" I have to stop myself from shouting the words at him.
"You see, in Erudite, marrying young is encouraged, as it is thought that the pairs' intelligence will rub off on each other. If I am seen to be fitting into the society, I'm more likely to pass initiation." His reasoning doesn't make this any better.
"Why? Scared you won't get through on your own intelligence?" I ask, mockingly. He laughs.
"No, darling, but the better I do, the more important the job I'll be awarded. And I deserve to be very important." He emphasizes the last two words. "Plus, I get to run my hands over your body whenever I want." His hands grab my hips, before I almost immediately push them away and slap him across the face.
"You disgust me, pervert." I growl.
"Fine, I'll let Kai know about your late night adventures. Your Dauntless friend probably won't get off lightly either." He starts down the hallway.
"Wait!" I call, as hushed as possible. Before adding, almost inaudibly "I'll do it..."
"Great," he purrs. "Come on, princess. We should get you back to the hospital." He grabs my wrist and tugs me back to the medical room. Once I'm back in bed, he leaves. What have I agreed to?

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