Story Of My Life (True Story tied in with 1D FanFic)

Hi I am Rosie this is a true story about my life but ive tied a 1d fan fiction in with it.

I haven't had a great 14 years of life and this is how they saved my life.


2. In 2009 and 2010

In 2009 , 3 weeks before Christmas day my day left us all day long by ourselves at home. By us i mean my little brother and myself. I was 9 and he was 8. Our mum was away for the weekend.He came back at 8pm and sent us to bed with only eating breakfast and a packet of crisps all day. He brought a woman home and she had a go at my brother Alex. We went upstairs and we got dressed then went back downstairs for a drink and they were "doing it" on the living room floor. My mum rang the house phone and i answered it. I told my mum what had happened. She came home the next day and was furious the next week we left and moved into another house. 


Janurary 10Th  2010 (ONWARDS)

My birthday. He got angry at my brother when we went to see him and he threw me down the stairs. I was luckily not injured but it still hurt to think that he would do that and that's when i started to have breakdowns and started to get suicidal i had a knife to myself and i threatened to kill myself many times before i had a HUGE breakdown at school and i was in the hospital for 2 weeks to speak to people about what had happened. It helped a little but not alot.

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