I Want You

(Sequel to I Found You)

"I never stopped loving you Lexa. I just stopped trying so hard... because I clearly wasn't getting anywhere." He confesses to me.
"I push people away,that's what I do. I'm damaged.. I've always been. You've given me your heart time and time again... and I've just played with it and I'm so sorry for that,I truly am." I spoke to him.


I guess you could say I'm broken. After so many relationships,
I still hope that there is someone out there for me.. someone who will be there with me through every obstacle. The funny thing is I didn't really that he was right in front of me.


2. Telling Harry


Torie's POV:

Louis and I both thought it was be in everyone's best interest if we stayed at my house for a while. 
It's been nothing but drama lately ever since Niall left.
 Alexa's in pain and I feel sorry for her because she's my best friend, but Harry seems to be the only one whose able to help her get through everything. 

Niall's POV:
I open the door,so glad to finally be home and to get away from all of this drama for a while.
 My little sister rushes to the door to greet me,giving me a big hug. "Ni! I misses you so much!" 
I nod my head not saying anything. She moves back finally getting a good look at me. 
"Wow. Don't you look nice." 
I move over to the mirror in the hallway to see my reflection.
 My hair was sticking up in different directions, and my eyes were swollen and red.
 "What happened?" she asked me pulling me towards the couch. 
"Alexa.." I could barely say her name. Syd looked down at the floor sad, she hasn't heard from Alexa for a long time and she doesn't know what she did wrong.
"What did she do?" 
"She broke up with me for no reason!" I shout making my voice echo throughout the house.
 "Tell me everything.." Syd says looking at me with caring eyes. And that's exactly what I did.

Alexa's POV:

After Harry and I's little situation with Sydney we didn't say very much. We sat on the couch in the living room gazing off into space. Finally he broke the intense silence. 
"Why haven't you and Syd talked to each other?" He asks I could feel him staring at me, waiting impatiently for an answer.
 "It's just some stupid thing that happened, it's no big deal Harry." I say standing up and going upstairs to my room. He gets off the couch and follows behind me, not happy with my answer. "Lexa! Clearly it's a big deal since you haven't talked to each other in two years!"  He raises his voice as he pulls my arm back, forcing me to at look him.
"Now. I'm gonna ask you again. What happened that made you two stop talking to each other?"


"Syd I really don't want to go to this party tonight." I say as she throws a dress at me. "Come on it will be fun and I bet Calum will be there." She says giving me a smirk. I throw a pillow her direction and she shrieks. 
"What makes you think I like him?" I ask amused. "Just the way you two flirt all the time..." She says. "Okay, I do like him. Now leave me alone." I say.
She laughs and goes into the bathroom to apply mascara. 
As we walk to the party we could hear the music from a block away, it felt like the beat was making the ground shake. 
The party  was at Luke Hemmings house and he always threw the best parties. As we both entered I could already tell I was going to regret coming. 
"I'll go get us a drinks." 
Syd says and walks into the kitchen. Thirty minutes later I still waited for her to return with drinks, but she never showed. 
I look around hoping to spot her blonde hair from across the room. A couple making out bumps into me making me crash into someone.
 "I'm so sorry." I say, placing my hand on the guys chest. I look up and see that it's Harry.
 "It's alright, love." He sends me a smile and I move my hand off his chest. "Um, I'm looking for Sydney have you seen her?"
 I ask. "I think I saw her go upstairs with someone. Why don't you just stay here with me? 
You look like you could use the company." He says leaning against the couch. "I'm sorry but I just want to find her, I'll come back later though." I say slowly walking away and heading towards the stairs. 
I enter a room, I think it's Luke's.
 I stop suddenly when see Calum and Sydney kissing. I felt my heart shattering in to a million tiny little pieces.
 How could she do this? 
She knew I liked Calum and she decides that she wants him all to herself. I run out of the room before any of them could see, 
I felt tears starting to form in my eyes. I will never forgive her for this.

*End of flashback*

"I never even knew that happened. I just thought you found her and you guys left after that." Harry says as a tear rolls down my cheek. I shake my head. "After that night I ignored her and never spoke to her again."
 I say laying down on my bed. "And she never figured out why you were angry with her?"
 Harry asks resting his head on one of my pillows. "She never apologized to me so clearly she didn't or still doesn't know what she did. I'm not even sure how she can't figure it out!" I say my sadness disappearing and now turning to anger.
 "Lexa you need to calm down." Harry says sitting up and rubbing my back slowly and gently. I felt myself become less tense. "I don't even know what's going on with my life anymore! Everything is being turned upside down." I say placing my face in my hands.  I finally lose it and burst into tears not stopping. The only thing Harry can do is hold me tight, and tell me everything will be okay but I know that it won't..and it never will be.

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