I Want You

(Sequel to I Found You)

"I never stopped loving you Lexa. I just stopped trying so hard... because I clearly wasn't getting anywhere." He confesses to me.
"I push people away,that's what I do. I'm damaged.. I've always been. You've given me your heart time and time again... and I've just played with it and I'm so sorry for that,I truly am." I spoke to him.


I guess you could say I'm broken. After so many relationships,
I still hope that there is someone out there for me.. someone who will be there with me through every obstacle. The funny thing is I didn't really that he was right in front of me.


1. 2 years ago


~1 Week After Breakup~
Alexa's POV:
Niall had left to go back to Ireland leaving Me, Zayn, and Harry at my house. Torie and Louis have been at her house.
 I haven't really seen Zayn at all, he disappears upstairs during the day and at night he's gone. 
So it leaves Harry and I together all day. We aren't dating we've just become even closer friends, well even closer then we were before.
I had come back downstairs after taking a shower to see Harry on his phone. I sit down beside him and smile. "Whatcha doin?" I ask trying to grab it from him. "I was about to make a vine, you wanna help?" he asks me smirking. "Sure what do you have in mind?" I ask raising an eyebrow. "Go grab the whipped cream and you'll find out." I sighed and got up to grab it out of the fridge. "Ok now tell me what were doing!" I say poking his side demanding answers. 
"Put a whipped cream mustache on my face. " I giggle and stand over him putting it on. I draw a long mustache and put a beard on his face along with extremely large eyebrows. "That is not what I asked for!" he says holding his phone camera up to his face. "Eh. My bad." I laugh hiding my face in the pillow.
 "Your turn!" he grins at me.
 "Oh no. Never in a million years." I say trying to run away from him. He grabs my waist pulling me back, he ends up getting half of his cream beard on my shirt. 
"Harry! Look what you just did!" 
I say pointing to my shirt with told frustration. "Your fault for running away." he says just shrugging his shoulders. "Now take your punishment before it becomes even worse!" he says putting some of it in his mouth. 
The Vine ended up being Harry rubbing his beard, acting like he's thinking but when he removes his hands he has whipped cream all over them. Harry had recorded  him putting some on my nose and cheeks, making it fall off onto my lap instantly. He also had got me trying to run away from him as he sprayed me with it.  Our war ended when we were interrupted by my phone ringing. I looked at the number not recognizing it, but I answer it anyway. 
"Hello? Who is this?" I ask the person. "How could you do this to him? He did nothing to you and you decide to break the hell up with him!!" I held the phone slightly away from my ear as the voice yelled at me making my ears ring. Harry looked over at me with concern in his eyes.
 "Who is it?" he mouthed to me. 
I shrugged my shoulders at him, and put it on speaker so he could hear as well. "Um. Who is this?"
 I asked for the second time. 
"Your exes little sister!" the voice snapped at me. "Syd?" I asked the person. "Yes! It's Sydney your best friend from 2 years ago, or should I say once best friend now that you haven't had the decency to talk to me in years and you broke my brothers heart!" Sydney is Niall's little sister, and we've actually known each other for a long time. 
We kind of drifted apart when Niall and Harry started the X- factor. It's been about 2 years sense we've last seen each other. "Just..I can't even talk to you right now I'm so disappointed in you, you could of had an awesome step sister but you chose not to!" I could already sense the sass in her voice that she always tended to have. 
"Well he probably didn't tell you the whole story, because Harry can prove that Niall sure as hell didn't do nothing!" I snap at her. "Wait..Harry's there with you?" she asks, her voice calmer.
 "Uh. Yeah he's always with me." There was total silence. 
"Make him go away so I can yell at you properly." I look over at Harry  and usher him to leave. 
"He's gone." I say as he walks away. Then boom. "I DON'T EVEN WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY!
 YOU HAVEN'T CONTACTED ME IN YEARS!!! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO THINK ABOUT YOU ANYMORE!" Harry peeked his head around the corner,eyes wide. "I think people a mile away can hear her." he mumbles to me. 

Zayn's POV:
I stood alone in the gym,boxing gloves on punching harshly at the 
punching bag. All of my anger was lifted away as I punched harder and harder. "Wow. You my friend have a lot of anger built up in you." I snapped my head to the source of sound, a guy about my age stood in the doorway. He slowly made his way toward me. 
I took off my boxing gloves and took a drink of water. 
"Names Danny, I'm a boxing trainer." he says sticking his hand out. "Zayn." I said simply shaking his hand. "I could get you in a couple of fights, you seem like you'd be decent at it." He says shoving his hands in his pocket. 
"I might just have to take that offer." 


So know you know where Zayn's been. He's going to get in some major trouble soon!!!


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