Memories ♡

I'm Jamie, Jamie Laurens to be exact. My best friend always calls me 'JLaur'. My best friend; Mia Grant, Huge fan of One Direction. This summer she has forced me to come with her on a 'Meet and Greet' thing on a concert of theirs. Well, this should be fun.


3. Chapter Two ♡


"Woah, Jamie. That concert was Awesome! And now we're going to meet them! Iiiiiiih!" Mia said.

"Yeah, it was good." I said.

"Better then BEST!" Mia screamed. "WOHO!"

I laughed and we headed to the line with meet and greet fans. It took five minutes or more to get to the front of the line. There stood two guards.

"You can go in." One of them said.

"Iiiiiiih!" Mia screamed.

We walked into the room. There were four boys.

Mia screamed.

"AHHHHH! But, where's Niall?" She said.

"He's on toilet. Hi beauty, what's you name? A curly haired boy said to me.

"Ja-" i started but got interrupted.

"J-Jamie? Is that really you?" A familiar voice asked. I turned around. There stood...

"NIALL! What are you doing here?" I said happily while hugging him tight.

"I'm a part of the band! What are you doing here BooBabe?" He said and I chuckled.

"I'm here with my friend Mia!" I said happily.

"I've missed you so much Babe!" Niall said.

"I've missed you too NizzyDizzy!" I said.

"Woah, hang on, you to know eachother?" Mia said.

"Yeah?" Zayn added.

"Yep. I'm his BooBabe and he's my Nizzy Dizzy. We're best friends forever." I said.

"And always." Niall added. "Our familys were like one when we lived in Mullingar."

"Woah, but how about a movie night, we seven?" Liam asked.

"No." Louis said.

"Feel like Louis. These two lovebirds need some own time." Mia said.

I snuzzled myself into Niall's chest and he kissed me at my head.

"I love you Babe." Niall said.

"Love you too Nizzy." I said and chuckled.

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