Memories ♡

I'm Jamie, Jamie Laurens to be exact. My best friend always calls me 'JLaur'. My best friend; Mia Grant, Huge fan of One Direction. This summer she has forced me to come with her on a 'Meet and Greet' thing on a concert of theirs. Well, this should be fun.


2. Chapter One ♡

Jamie's POV

I thaughted about that moment when I ran away. Since then Niall and I had never talked. Our friendship was like gone, I had never missed him more then I did now. *Beeeeep Beeeeep* My phone said.

"Jamie's talking?" I answered.

"Of course silly. I called you, duuh." My best friend Mia said in the phone. I laughed.

"Hi babe, what's up?" I said.

"Nothing really- OK YOU KNOW WHAT?" She interrupted her self.

"No, why would I?" I said laughing.

"Stop being so comic all the time! I HAVE MEET AND GREET TICKETS TO ONE DIRECTION AND YOU ARE COMING WITH ME! IIIIIIIH!" She screamed in the cell.

"Woah, slow down Mia. I don't even know who they are!"

"I DO NOT CARE! You are coming with me! Either you want it or not!" She yelled.

"Woah woah, Okey. Sure, what time is it?" I asked, a littleeeeeee more calm then Mia.

"Tonight, I'm coming over at four so we can get ready." She said.

"Sure, C ya!" I hang up.

Mia came over at four, like she had told me.

"Can you choose clothes for me and you while I am putting my make up on - since you have already got make up!" She said and I nodded.

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