If you only knew me...

Justin: "why does my dad hate me? Why do some kids pick on me at school? Why do they have to judge me for every little thing? Only if they knew me...."


2. My family...


i hear my alarm ring. Ughh just another day at fucking school. Fml i swear. Well i brush my teeth, get ready & head down stairs. I see my mom cooking breakfast. I love my mom. Shes the best. Shes been there for me threw thick an thin. Then theres my dad. He abuses me. Yup. You heard me. Hes been abusing me ever since i was 6. Im only child. So theres not that much to talk about my family. Whenever my dad gets mad at me, i always go across the street to my aunts house. She always hasmy back whenever i need help. Sometimes i think to myself why am i even here? Why did i ever exsited? Oh shit im running late for suck. Fuck! Not again. Oh well. I dont care anyways. Lol. So i say goodbye to my mom not to my dad. I could give two shits about him. Then i leave and well if course i have to walk my ass to school. In school im not a popular kid nor a geek kid. Im just your normal teenager kid. With a killer body tbh. Haha lol! Anyways i hear the bell ring and run up the stairs and into class.


justin walks in and sits infront of the class. Like always. 

Teacher: Mr. Bieber, late again. No surprise. 

Justin: yea im sorry Mr. Ramieriz. It wont happen again. 

Teacher: it better not or else your getting after school detention next time. 

Justin: ok. I promise you it wont. 

So the teacher containusand teaches the class. School is finally over. Justin runs home because his dad wants justin home right after school. Justin walks inside and sees his dad standing there with a mad look on his face.....

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