If you only knew me...

Justin: "why does my dad hate me? Why do some kids pick on me at school? Why do they have to judge me for every little thing? Only if they knew me...."


4. Im done..

Chapter 4: -THE NEXT DAY- ~*JUSTINS POV*~ I hear my alarm go off. Not another day in hell. Oh well! Wait wat time is it......OH SHIT ITS 7:55 IM LATE FOR SCHOOL! I brush my teeth, put my hair up, and run downstairs. I didnt even say goodbye to my mom. I just left the house flying out. I got to school. Shit. Its 8:10 im soo late. ~*END OF POV*~ Teacher: liz? Student: here. Teacher: juan? Student: sup! Teacher: derek? Student: hereeeee! Teacher: justin? ....... Teacher: justin?? -justin comes running inside the class. Everyone looks at him- Teacher: late again. Justin: i know im sorry mr.ramierez but- Teacher: but nothing. Afterschool detention. Justin: but i- Teacher: shhh! No buts. Afterschool. Justin: *sad face* fine. ~*JUSTINS POV*~ Fuck. I cant have detention. If im not home right aftersschool. My dads gunna murder me. Can my life get any worse now? ~*END OF POV*~ Justin also gets picked on at school. The main bully that always bullies him goes up to justin. Bully: aye lil biebs. Justin: wat do you want? Bully: lol why do you cut yourself? Justin: it was my cat. Bully: SHUT THE FUCK UP! You liar! LOL you idiot. Why do you cut!? You low life loser. -justin gets up- Justin: think way you want i dont care wat you think of me. -justin walks away bully comes after him and pushes him- Bully: what? Is lil bieber scared? Hahaha Justin: *turns around and socks him in the face* Justin gets on top of him and keeps punching him. The bully tries defending himself but fails. A group of kids surround them. Justin just kept punching & hitting him. Talking out all his anger on him. Finallysone teachers come and separates them. They take them to the principles office. Principle: what were you guys thinking? Fighting like that on school grounds?! Justin: he started it. By bullying me and pushing me first! Bully: THATS A LIE! Justin: SHUT THE FUCK UP! Principle: THATS ENOUGH! Both of you are suspended from school. Both of them: but- Principle: but nothing. Im going to call your parents to come pick you up. ~*JUSTINS POV*~ Oh no. My dads gunna kill me. If he finds out im suspended from school, im dead. Im a dead man. This cant be happening to me. Not right now.... ~*END OF JUSTINS POV*~ *principle on the phone with justins dad* Jeremy: hello? Principle: hello sir? This is the principle of redwood high, im just informing you that to come pick up your son, justin, yea hes suspended. Jeremy: what? Why?! Principle: he got in a fight at school with this kid. Anyways, we need you to come pick him up. Jeremy:ok ill be there. ~*JEREMYS POV*~ Wtf is up with this kid?! First talking back, now getting suspended from school?! This kid is out of control. Im done with him. ~*END OF POV*~ Jeremy drives of to school and enters school. He sees justin sitting down with his head down. Jeremy has a mad look on his face. He talks to the principle. Justin is suspened for a whole week. Jeremy picks up justin by the arm and takes him to the car. They both get in the car and drive home. Jeremy gets off the car and slams the door. Justingets off slowely closing the door. Jeremy goes inside storming. Justin quitly goes in. -justin and jeremy- Jeremy: wtf were you thinking justin?! Justin: nothing. Jeremy: thats always your answer! Nothing. Justin: well i had to defend myself! Jeremy: by beating him up and getting suspended?! Thats awesome. Justin: i dont give a fuck tbh i was defending myself. Justin started walking up staris. Jeremy goes after him tripping him and slaps him. Jeremy: dont fucking walk away on me! Justin: fucking get off me! Jeremy hits justin in the stomache 3 times and socks him on his sides Justin: *moans in pain* please stop. Jeremy: think about twice about something before doing it!! (Slaps justin really hard and socks him in the stomache again) justin gets up, runs to hos room, and locks it. Justin takes off his shirt and looks in the mirror. He has bruises on his back and stomache. He also has red markson his sides and his cheeks are num. he reached his breaking point. ~*JUSTINS POV*~ I cant. I cant do this anymore. Ive been threw enough. I cant with all this pain anymore. Im gunna do it. Im gunna kill myself.. ~*END OF POV*~ Justin goes under his bed and gets the rope. He hangs the rope on his cieling. He writes a letter and leaves it on his bed. He gets a chair. He stands on the chair. Justin is crying harder than ever. Hes actually gunna do it. Justin wraps the rope around his kneck. Taking his last breathes. His heart is racing harder than ever. He sees the letter on the bed. He looks at his window. He closes his eyes. Taking his last breathe. He opens his eyes. While opening his eyes, he looks up while crying. He whispers, "see you soon god." Then out of nowhere he gets a voice in his head. Its his mom. He hears her saying, "justin. Dont do it" he crys. He thinks about his mom. "Dont do it" "its not your time" "dont do it" "dont" "i love you justin" "im here" ~*JUSTINS POV~* What? I dont know what to think rn. Im ready to end my life right now. Im ready. Then i hear my moms voice. Her sweet, nice, innocent voice. Should i do it? Or no. Is it my time? Or no. I just dont know..... ~*END OF POV*~ (Sorry its kinda short�� please leave comments on what you think of my story so far. Please i really want what you think. Theres more coming up soon. Stay toon(: keep reading! Also fan me and ill do it back(: Love youu!��❤)
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