Camp Truidine

The epic comedy, Camp Truidine (Troo-ih-deen) is a novel about a semi mentally unstable goofball named Maezee who finally decides to get back at her school with a massive prank. After pulling the prank she is punished by her mother and is sent to a correctional camp, Camp Truidine. At the camp she meets a special love interest, but he is not what you might think he is. Trouble brews in the camp with cliques that are trying to become rulers once and for all. Maezee in her friends have to work together to stop this madness and bring forth the real leader of the camp, Truidine.


4. Blood and Handcuffs

The two ran through the woods, tripping over logs and getting tangled up in thorns as the officer trailed behind them. The other officer caught up soon and began to yell , “Stop now or I’ll shoot!” Walter and Maezee ignored him and kept running until they suddenly stopped right at the edge of a cliff, almost falling over.  “We’ve got you now, punks”, said one of the officers.

            “Oh no you don’t!”, Maezee screamed while shoving Walter over the cliff. Soon she jumped as well.

            The cliff was a good fifteen feet down and didn’t look like a pleasant fall.  Walter landed in the water but let out a massive scream anyway. Maezee landed on her feet and ran to him. There was blood spewing from his head, turning the water around him red.

            “What have I done?”, she thought, almost going into a panic.

Maezee realized that was no time for panic and quickly remembered that the cops couldn’t be far behind.  She knew she was busted and could flee and leave her friend here to die.

            Maezee stood up to see the cops behind her with guns pointed right at her face. She dropped her head and sighed. The police officers saw Walter and called for a helicopter flight to the hospital. They approached Maezee and handcuffed her and led her through the forest and back to their cars. She was worried about Walter the whole way and if it weren’t for the guns pointed at her, she would have fought back to go and help him.

            In the police car she rode, thinking about what she had done. Maezee was not sorry for the prank, but was sorry about Walter.  She had never done anything that severe before and couldn’t comprehend him ever doing something like that to her. They had been best friends and he had always done what she wanted and was always very kind. Maezee was so sick with regret, she didn’t know how time had already flew by.

            The cop car pulled into the parking lot of the Jail.

“Step out of the car and don’t say a word!”, exclaimed the officer, grabbing her wrist. He led her to the entrance of the facility and walked her through a locked metal door.  She was told to have a seat in a chair.  It seemed like hours that she waited in that chair, when it was only minutes.

            An ugly man with a large stomach approached out of a door in front of her and motioned for her to follow him.  Maezee stood up out of the chair and followed him with her head down.

            It was a small office that reeked of coffee and had pictures of David Hasslehoff on the walls. Maezee was very confused about that and even started to laugh.

            She sat in the chair, facing a man dressed in a police uniform.

“Young lady, I have heard what you did at your school”, said the officer. “I am the sheriff of this disgusting town and have took many youngsters in my office due to their stupid pranks and not once have I seen one this... this… magnificent!”

            He stood up and let out a deep laugh and patted her on the back.

“Get out of here kid”, he said, still in laughter.

            Maezee was astonished and confused at the same time. She ran out of that building and once she was on the front porch, she looked around for the hospital. She couldn’t see it from there but she knew good and well where it was, because her mom used to have to go there for her binging problem. That woman would eat so much pizza that you’d think that she’d turn into one.

            Maezee loved to J-walk and so she did; with her chin up high and hands on her hips. She ignored the horns and continued to walk across.

            There was a hobo sitting on a street corner and she stopped in front of him and looked at him for a good while. She laughed and spat on him. “I got out of jail! Haha!”, she screamed with her tongue out.

            Maezee finally approached the hospital and walked in quickly.

The receptionist lady was someone she knew. It was one of her classmate’s moms. Maezee was not fond of her and neither was the lady of her. Her name was Katherine, but people called her Old Bag for short.

            “Ew, what do you want… skank?”, said Old Bag.

            “You really want to start calling names Old Bag?”, said Maezee. “I will smack you in the face and cut your body to pieces and sprinkle it all over the dog crap in the back yard!”

            “Yeah yeah. Who are you here to see?”

            “Walter McGuonavich.”

            “Room number 379.”

Maezee went into the elevator and saw an old woman in the corner.

“Hey old woman, haha are you going to go die on us today.”, said Maezee. The old woman turned around and had the look of evil in her white eyes.  It was a good thing that the elevator opened up right then or Maezee might have been a goner.

            She exited the elevator and found room 379. She went in and saw Walter’s family around him. A doctor was also standing next to his bed.

            “I am so sorry to tell you this, but…” said the doctor. Maezee felt her stomach drop.

            “Your son is dead… Haha just kidding. He only has a cut and is free to go now.

            Walter’s family hadn’t known that Maezee had pushed him. Walter must of told them that he fell. “What a good friend,” Maezee thought. Maezee said hi to his family and rejoiced with them that he would be just fine. The family left the room and Maezee had an alone moment to speak to Walter.

            Walter opened his eyes and said in a raspy voice, “Did the cops get you?”

            “No,” said Maezee.

            “They let me go, so I came here to see you.”

            “I just wanted to say one last thing before I go… I… L…”

He dropped his head. Maezee rolled her eyes.

“You idiot,” she said. “The doctor just came in and said you only had a cut on your head. You’re just fine!” He closed his eyes and stuck out his tongue and they both shared a great laugh.

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