What happens when, even in the worst times, something great can happen?

Join Alice's journey with her crush, Jim, as they try to escape from danger.

(WARNING: Violence, middle-school love, drug references, and a few "damns" are in this story. Read with caution. Also, may be frightening to a some readers.)


1. Young Love Came First

Alice may be the captain of the softball team, but she is no "Miss. Popularity". She was everything BUT that. Her luck was always not her best factor. This average 7th grader has a crush on Skyler, the jock. Heck, everyone in her grade does. She still can dream though, can't she?

Alice and Skyler in fact have a small history. In fact, they used to live right next door to each other. Alice fears he has forgotten about her, which he most likely has.

Alice begins her daily routine with getting up and brushing her teeth. She slides on jeans and a black t-shirt and scrunchies her hair up into a high pony tail. She slides on black converse, washes her face, and brushes her teeth. She finishes her schedule by eating a bowl of toasted flakes.

Her mom pulls up at the school blasting "Baby" by Justin Beiber. Alice sighs, as the crazy mother blowing kisses to her 13 year old daughter isn't enough. She ignores it though, because she sees Skyler. She does the typical incognito pass by and hopes he notices her. Nope. It's going to be a long day for Alice.

After school, Alice gets on the bus and heads home. As soon as she walks in the door, her mother is giving her the disappointed stare.

"What did I tell you about Facebook? I don't want you on there ESPECIALLY these days when boys are flaunting nudes and constantly flirting with strangers!" Alice looks down annoyed; all she wanted to do on there was look at Skylers profile!

"But moommmmm-" her mother cuts her off.

"No buts!"

"Mom, you KNOW I'm responsible enough to withstand a stupid website!"

"If it's so stupid, why do you care?"


"No computer or phone for a week. Go to your room."

"Argh! I hate you!" She says as she stomped to her room. What she doesn't know is that's probably the last time she'll speak to her for weeks.

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