What happens when, even in the worst times, something great can happen?

Join Alice's journey with her crush, Jim, as they try to escape from danger.

(WARNING: Violence, middle-school love, drug references, and a few "damns" are in this story. Read with caution. Also, may be frightening to a some readers.)


2. Creaky Night

Alice finishes crying her last tear. "Why does my mom not trust me?" She finally decides to sleep it off and rolls over into a deep sleep.


Footsteps echo down the hall. Grunts fill the ears of Alice Green. She shivers and feels like something's wrong. She immediately thinks the worst. 'What if mom can't hear me scream?' She is probably right - her mother was downstairs in the corner. Her house is built very oddly with slightly sound proof walls.

Alice is nervous. She reaches for her phone - dead. She is doomed. Well, if there's someone really in the house.

And there was. They break open the door and flick on the lights. They mumble something she can't remember and walk towards her. They grab her, pulling her out of bed. 'Come with me!' they demand as they cover her mouth. She's slowly lead out of her room, through the way he came in, and into his trunk.

She was damn right.


The ride to the kidnappers house was the longest ride of her life. She immediately thinks of her mom, then Skyler, then her life. Will she live?

She feels a sudden stop and hears the trunk pop open. He harshly grabs her and leads her to a chain locked, soundproof shed and throws her in there. There's a slot for food, and a pole for whipping. She looks around and notices there are two other kids in there - a boy and a girl. They quickly wake up and welcome her.

"You too?" Sighs a male voice. She immediately recognizes this voice. Jack from health? No. Rain from social studies? No. Skyler? Yes. Why him?! This changes everything. She can't act nervous and can't be all emotional! Why God, WHY!?!?

"I'm Skyler. You are...?"

"Umm Alice. Alice Green."

"You're that really cute girl from Social Studies, aren't you?" She blushes. She knew he was the flirty kind, but she'd never expect it towards her!

"Oh I'm Sandra City." Says the other girl.

"So. Shall we go over the basics?" Replied Skyler.

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