What happens when, even in the worst times, something great can happen?

Join Alice's journey with her crush, Jim, as they try to escape from danger.

(WARNING: Violence, middle-school love, drug references, and a few "damns" are in this story. Read with caution. Also, may be frightening to a some readers.)


3. Basics

"So, as you know, we've all been kidnapped. I've been here for 2 weeks and Skyler's been here for 1 and a half. This man is not fun to mess around with. Any wrong mistake and you're dead."

"We're not exactly sure why we've been kidnapped. All we know is that he's on a few drugs and is mentally insane. We're going to need you to help us figure this out. The sooner we figure out, the sooner we get out." Skyler adds.

**Author Note: I purposely am avoiding these, but don't quit on me yet! I am still writing so hang tight! -yawn- Ill continue soon!**

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