Girl like me?

Tess is a Shy teenager from Wales, A+ student, Goodie Goody, Bullied,Lonely,Depressed and self harming... She doesn't mind the loneliness its the depression and self harming that consumes her... She's and only child... she has only her father, her Guitar, her Books and Poetry.

But what happens when outgoing and crazy boy Louis Tomlinson arrives at school with his world-wide famous band One Direction and falls in love with little shy Tess?

Will she fall too? Or will her self-destructive ways doom her only chance of love?


3. Uh Oh!

Louis P.O.V

My breath hitched as i saw her bruised body sprawled across the floor. I abruptly stood up from my desk and ran towards her. My index finger traced the sides of her bruised lip, sending tears of sadness to prick at my eyelids. " CALL THE GOD DAMN AMBULANCE " i yelled at the teacher not even bothering to stop the tears as they were now streaming down my face. The class was reduced to a frightful silence. I gently picked her up " Is the ambulance outside? " i whispered my voice sounding fragile and brittle as my thumb slowly caressed the bruise on her cheek. My teacher nodded " Why dont we go mr Tomlinson ill escort you to the ambulance " Mr Defranco stood up from his desk and followed me out the door, we walked in an eerie silence to the ambulance. They paramedics took Tess into the ambulance when a young man came out around mid twenties? He had jet black hair and grass green eyes with flickers of hazel around his pupil. He had s un-kissed skin and wore a white paramedic shirt with the red cross on the breast pocket. " Which one of you will be in the ambulance? " he asked his voice husky and a bit adenoidal. "Uh that would be me. " i said flashing me a forced smile, he stared at me and sent me a pitiful smile its as if he was trying to tell me sorry. 

Well he wasn't his fault Tess was hurt so it doesn't matter.

I hoped into the ambulance and waiting desperately for the next stop, The Hospital.

Elena's P.O.V ( Suprising Eh? )

I glanced at Bonnie and Caroline who were looking as pissed as i was once Louis and Mr Defranco left the classroom.

I walked over to their desk and leaned againts it." Why does that slut have the right to be the center of attention! I mean look at her shes so fucking ugly. I wish we just killed her there i mean you had the knife right Bon?" i asked the brunette as she nodded " I did and i still do. To be honest we can't go getting our hands dirty because of that whore. " She cringed probably at the thought of Tess. " I know right we have to hire someone what about that jock Mich- " She was caught off by Mr Defranco clearing his throat.

" I had a little chat with the principal and we have decided that today's class will be Purspone so you can all leave. " He said sitting on his desk and began grading papers. My gaze diverted to Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn. I smirked " Girls lets have some fun. " i said strutting over to them. I  out my elbow on their table and leaned over making sure my boobs were in their view " Hey guys! " i said flashing them a wide toothed smile as i batted my lashes just a bit. Niall, Liam and Zayn glanced up towards us and smiled " Hey can you believe what happened to Tess? " Liam said as his face grimaced. " I know i really feel bad for her " Bonnie said, I know she doesn't really care if you knew her long enough you could tell by the way her voice sounded like she was slurring. " Dont. Dont fucking act like you give two shits about Tess. " Harry said glaring at us " I know what your up too and after one of your many stunts ill stop if i were you. " he scowled as he got up and stormed out of class. My heart was beating uncontrollably 

What if he Knows? Maybe he's just fucking with us to see if we did it? But he did look serious... GOD FUCKING DAMN IT.



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