Girl like me?

Tess is a Shy teenager from Wales, A+ student, Goodie Goody, Bullied,Lonely,Depressed and self harming... She doesn't mind the loneliness its the depression and self harming that consumes her... She's and only child... she has only her father, her Guitar, her Books and Poetry.

But what happens when outgoing and crazy boy Louis Tomlinson arrives at school with his world-wide famous band One Direction and falls in love with little shy Tess?

Will she fall too? Or will her self-destructive ways doom her only chance of love?


1. First Impressions

Tess p.o.v

" Father! Have you seen my shoes!? " i yelled running down stairs grabbing my bag and an apple, " Its at the doormat hun! " my father yelled from the kitchen, i sighed and walked to the doormat grabbing my White flats, I looked at the mirror near hanging on the wall as i stared at my outfit a white crop top showing my tanned stomach and my belly piercing, My black tight skinny jeans, a long light coral pink sweater with brown patches on the elbows and my grey cotton scarf and my glasses...

" Im going to walk today! ok dad? " i said waving him good-bye " Ok! " he said waving back to me, i put my phone in my front pocket with my keys and closed the front door. I walked to school eating my apple, i arrived at the gates when i heard multiple screams and cheering from a crowd nearby, i sighed and walked past them into the hallways and to my locker.

I opened my locker when i heard snickers coming from other lockers as girls pointed and laughed at me i sighed and looked at the ground in shame, when suddenly i felt a sting on my head i turned around quickly and my eyes met the most popular girls in Ridgway. Bonnie, Elena and Caroline...

" Sup slut. " Bonnie barked, i shivered at her rough tone " Little twat, your mothers probably happy she died so she doesn't have to see your ugly, worthless, fat, disgusting ass anymore! " Caroline yelled pushing me on my locker, i winced in pain. " P-Please stop " i stuttered staring at the ground " Oh so the whore can talk huh!? " Bonnie barked again shoving me " Look at you so ugly thinking your cool with that bell piercing huh!? But your not, your just a little attention whore so do us a favour and kill yourself! " Elena spat slapping me across the face, i lifted my hand to my face feeling my checks burn in pain.

I bit my lips holding back my tears " Cmon guys lets leave this bitch alone " Caroline snapped as they turned and sashayed away, what did I do to deserve this? I sighed and grabbed my books, biting my lip harder to not make a scene in the halls...

The bell rang and all the students ran to their classes, i closed my locker and turned on my heel and jogged to class, i wonder why they're was so much noise earlier near the gates....

I was 10 minutes late cause my class as the other end off the hall, i turned the door knob to the class as all eyes were on me.. " Your late " my teacher spat putting down her chalk " S-Sorry " i stuttered looking down, she sighed " Well we have 5 new students and i want you to show them around understood? " she said pointing to the 5 boys that were sitting on the front desk.

" Why does that twat get to show them around she probably does't even know who they are " Caroline spat sending me death glares, " Ahem mrs Caroline pierce shut your mouth and sit down " she said calmly " Ok boys please follow Tess so she can show you around " my teacher said pointing at me, they nodded and we walked out together " S-So this is the Ca-Cafeteria " i said pointing to the cafeteria " So Tess why do you stutter so much " one of the boys asked, i turned around " I-I don't know " " Well I'm Louis, this is Harry, Thats Liam , Thats Niall and Thats Zayn " he said pointing to them as he spoke. 

" L-Lovley to meet you " i said quietly and Showed them around for the next 10 minutes.. " Hey Tess do you want to sit with us at lunch " Louis asked flashing me a white tooth smile " U-Uh aren't you going to sit with Caroline, Elena and Bonnie? " i asked looking down " Yeah  the caroline chick is hot! " his friend Liam said daydreamingly " O-Oh then I'm sorry i can't sit with you " i said turning on my heel prepared to walk back to class, till i felt a hand grab me spinning me around " Why not? " Louis asked staring into my sea blue eyes as his hands were on my waist and my hand on his chest, i looked down and tore his hands from my waist " Cause Caroline, Elena and Bonnie aren't so nice to me and i don't want to take anything that is theirs.. " i said turning around and running into class...

Great first impression Tess make them think your a stuttering freak! i sighed and ran to my seat with my head down....

- After class -

I was at my locker putting my books back in place, when i felt 2 muscular and hot arms around my waist " What the... " I'm usually not one to curse and i am not going to start now... " Hey " a british and cheerful voice whispered into my ear... "Louis" i sighed and removed his hands from my waist " Am i going to fast? i know i just met you and all but i feel a real connection between both of us and i wa- " he was cut off by Elena's high-pitched voice " Lou babe is this whore bothering you? " she said intertwining her finger with his and shooting me a death glare, i looked down and grabbed my Laptop for Tech class.. " Uhm no she wasn't babe see you in class k? " he said pecking her lips, she giggled and skipped away..

" I see you have already made yourself comfortable, I really don't want to take any things that is Elena's and you obviously are.... I'm sorry" I turned on my heel and walked away




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