Werewolf Luck

Cooper isnt an ordinary teenage boy but he dosen't know that, yet. When he finds out what his true identity is, he is scared of himself. He falls in love with Ella but has to fight for her against Dave, the packs leader.
Follow Cooper on his journey to dicover his true identity...


1. Cooper

“Hey Cooper. How ya doing?” My friend Josh exclaimed as he opened his front door.

“Good. What about you?”

“Cooper? What? Why is he here?” Josh’s brother Dave questioned.

“Dave, really? Cooper is here every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so we can do our homework together.” Josh tried his best at his homework but, for some reason, he wasn’t all that good at maths, so I come over to help him out.

“Really? Since when? Exactly?” Dave hated me, I don’t really have any idea as to why, but he certainly does!

“God Dave! Why are you so bossy? We’re going to my room!” Josh had obviously had enough of Dave’s ‘small talk’



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