because of lux


5. chapter 4

Harrys P.O.V

I dove into the water after her, not caring about the fact that I had my phone in my pocket and still had my clothes on. But that didn’t matter I had to help her. I could see her body lying motionless in the water, her face going pale. I scooped her up in my arms trying to swim to the shore. With every breath I took more water filled my lungs, we barely made it to the shore before I collapsed not being able to breath. I shot up suddenly and vomited all the water I had swallowed, my throat burning from the salt in the water.

“Belle” I whispered hoping for a sign of life.

I looked over at belle as her eyes fluttered open.


Belles P.O.V

Emptiness .that’s all I saw .that’s all I felt. That’s all I heard .I tried to open my eyes, to breathe, but it was useless. I heard a voice and immediately opened my eyes but only for a second it’s all that I could manage.


I opened my eyes again but this time I was in an unfamiliar room. The only thing I recognised was the mop of brown curls attached to a snoring harry.

“Harry” I whispered “harry” I said again louder

“HARRY!” I yelled causing him to fall off the chair. He landed with a thud on the cold tiled floor.

“Oh your awake .umm I’ll go get Lou” he said quickly turning around and leaving

“Harr-“he shut the door before I could finish. What the fuck. That was weird.

“Hey sweet heart” Lou said walking in with a sleeping lux in her arms.

“Hey umm so would you mind telling me where I am and why my head feels like it’s about to fall off.”

“you don’t remember?” she asked shook my head and she sighed “a sweetie .well some stupid boy on a jet ski hit the boat and you fell off the edge and hit your head on the side of the boat .harry dove in after you and swam you to the shore after that we brought you to the hospital .You had a mild concussion but your right to go home whenever you’re ready” she smiled at me. I started to remember everything and sighed it could have been a lot worse if it weren’t for harry.

“Well can we go home now I hate hospitals” I said with a disgusted look on my face.

“I can understand why” she said smiling sadly. We signed all the discharge forms and left .harry ignoring me not saying a single word.

I slowed down so I could thank harry for everything. “Hey umm thank you “

“No problem” he muttered walking away.

Ugh whatever that boy is so confusing.





I woke up to the smell of food wafting from the kitchen. I got up and got changed into a white lace dress ,a denim vest and furtrimed brown leather boots (like this)

I walked into the kitchen to find harry cooking pancakes.

“Mmmm smells good” I said smiling warmly .he didn’t reply “can I help?” I asked he just shrugged .I rolled my eyes and started mixing pancake batter .he reached over to grab the flipper thingy and touched my hand. He flinched away as if he had touched burning coals. At that point I had had enough of his weird behaviour.

“I’m not made of fucking poison!” I said angrily before storming out the door.

I didn’t know where I was going but at that point I didn’t care. I knew that he was ignoring me because of what happed on the boat. But it’s not like I could tell him my secret.




A/N ohh I finally updated it’s a miracle umm I might put another chapter up today if I have time… I have to clean -_- aaaaaanyway comment what you think belle’s secret is??? Please like and favourite cause the more people I know actually care the more ill update mwaahahaha …I’m so weird. Shout out to futureMrs.Styles<3 and theperksofstyles there amaZAYN writers  xoxo britt

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