because of lux


3. chapter 3

Belles P.O.V

we all got up really early to get ready to go to the boat , it was so funny Lou asked lux what she wanted to do for her birthday and she choose to go on a boat for the day instead of a party or something .I thought it was cute . Harry hadn’t said a word to me about what happened yesterday or a word about anything really. But whatever today was about lux not me and harry.

-2 hours later-

I was laying on the very front of the boat in my new white bikini listening to my iPod when I got water splashed all over me. I squealed and looked at where it had come from

When I got water splashed all over me. I squealed and looked at where the water had come from. As I looked over the edge I heard a whistle.

“Hey gorgeous why don’t you come down off that boat and join me?” the guy said

I snorted “how about no” I snapped

“Ohhh I like them feisty, come on baby I know you want this “he smirked gesturing to himself.

“I’ll give you three reasons why I WOULDN’T want you, 1. Why the hell would I go with the guy that got friggin water all over me and by my brand new iPod. 2. You’re an arrogant inconsiderate prick and 3 you”- just as I was about to make my point harry cam barging over red faced and really, really pissed.

“And 3 she’s taken” harry said putting an arm around me.

The guy looked speechless, but then quickly recovered

“Aww that’s ok man you can keep her she’s a slut anyway” he exclaimed, then sped off on his jet ski

I just shook my head and turned to harry “thanks harry but you didn’t have to do that “I said smiling

“That’s ok” he mumbled turning around and walking into the kitchen part of the boats cabin

At this point I had enough of his mind games and stormed after him. When I found him in the kitchen I grabbed him by his shoulder and spun him around. Once I opened my mouth there’s no stopping it.

“What the hell was that?! First you kiss me then ignore me all day then you put your arm around me and tell that dick that I’m ‘taken’. I would rather you just completely ignore me then give me all these mixed signals cause it’s driving me insane!” I took a massive breath when I finished my little speech .he just looked at me shocked and wide eyed with a smile playing on his lips.

“How’s this for mixed signals “he said .then with one swift movement he was right in front of me his hands on my waist and kissed me. I was shocked at first not moving. I snapped out of the trance I was in and kissed him back .the butterfly’s in my stomach going crazy, he lightly tugged on my lower lip begging for access, and I gladly accepted .he grabbed the back of my thighs and placed me on the bench .I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him as close to me as possible, pulling his hair gently making him moan. I felt him get hard against my leg .it was the most amazing kiss I’ve ever had .then it happened. Memories came flooding back and I gasped.

“Stop! Please “I whispered

“STOP” I said louder pushing him off me he looked shocked and hurt. But I couldn’t concentrate on him write now .I hopped off the bench and ran to the bathroom locking myself in and crying my eyes out. I sat in there for a good twenty minutes before I went back up on deck .Lou tried to talk to me but I ran straight to harry .I had to tell him .I had almost got to him, then something hit the boat and I fell backwards off the edge off the boat .I screamed as I went down .my head struck something.


Then everything went black …



A/N ohh cliff hanger . i wasnt able to update all weekend cause i was at my dads but i might put out another chapter today :)

britt xoxo

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