why does love hurt?

Sigyn was never a popular student at Midgard high, Loki quickly turns that around after a while Sigyn started to talk to people, she started to trust people, she started to love. But every relationship has trouble. This is Sigyns trouble


1. she...he...


Sigyn laid in bed. Her long golden hair spread flowingly on her pillow. She blinked a few times before her eyes opened. She sighed and closed her eyes. Rolling over to the other side of the bed, her alarm went off and Sigyn almost jumped out of bed. Tripping over her blankets reaching her bedroom door, she opened it walking groggily out "good morning marshmallow" she said quietly. Rubbing her eyes. The cat’s ears flickered and he tried covering his eyes with his arm.

A wind chime whistled, or maybe it was a dingle, possibly it was a chime. Sigyn sat opposite to her mother; Freya. "I put up a wind chime feels summery. Doesn't it?" Freya asked delightfully. "Yeah but isn't it a little late for that?" Sigyn asked “it’s never too late; nothing starts until you begin" Freya replied “what?" Sigyn asked looking over at the sink full of dishes. “It’s a quote from a song" Freya answered "uh-huh, sure" Sigyn said taking a bite of cereal. Sigyn heard a meow by her bare feet and looked down to see marsh mellow "oh, right. You need breakfast too" she said and got up to feed her cat.

After she finished breakfast Sigyn went to grab her phone and head for school. She put her black shoes on and yelled "I'll be back later!" Her mother replied "be careful" and Sigyn left.

Her walk to school was long and lonely. At least the air was moist, and the birds are chirping, the sky was a bright blue. She walked all the way to the train station waiting on a bench. She heard some girls whisper about her. That only made her cringe; she looked up at the ceiling for what seemed like hours but was only a few seconds. And then the train came by.

Finally at school Sigyn walked through the hallways looking down at her feet until someone said her name. "Sigyn" a girl said out of a group "How many years have you been single?" A girl mocked Sigyn's eyebrows pulled close as she started walking right past the girls "she ignored us" one girl said. "Well you can't asked rude questions like that" one girl said "well, it’s obviously been 16 years" another said and the three started laughing as Sigyn kept walking along. 'I haven't had a friend let alone a boyfriend, for 16 years. And I plan on keeping my record. I have been in a few groups, who called themselves my friends. But I realized something when I have so-called friends, I only get hurt. I don't need them' Sigyn thought.

"Man, I can't believe what happened yesterday. I was on cloud nine full of cute chicks with big boobs so I was super excited to check them out, but they all go after you!" Thor told Loki walking down the school's hallways "did they?" Loki asked "Don't act all oblivious. Even the cutest one had the hots for you. Don't underestimate my vision" Thor said Looking at Loki as he silently giggled "sorry, man" Loki said amused "so did you get her number?" Thor asked "nope" Loki replied.

 "WHAT? HOW? WHY?!" Thor yelled "it’s not like I had to" Loki said bluntly. "Dude, she so wanted you to ask for her number, what a waste." Thor wined Loki looked confused "you think so? She looked just like the other girls to me" Loki shrugged Thor gave a look that got Loki concerned. "The school's most popular guy really is different from the rest of us, the universally admired, universally kind, Loki Laufeyson" Thor announced "do I detect sarcasm?" Loki said sarcastically.

 "Don’t tell me all girls look the same to you" Loki laughed "of course not, but they're all equal in my eyes" Loki said in-a-matter-of-fact tone

 "LOKI!" A girl yelled. Thor turned around and blushed with a huge smile. Jane came running towards the two “Good morning" she giggled Thor yelled her name and ran to her arms open for a hug but she ran past him and hugged Loki " where were you last night? I called you, but you didn't answer" Jane said slightly disappointed "I went to dinner with some girls from school" Loki informed her "what? You should have invited me” Jane whined “Sorry I promise I will next time” Loki apologized “you mean it? We should all go to karaoke together sometime, too” Jane said with such cheer in her voice. “Sure” Loki said “See you later” Jane yelled as she walked off.

“What are you doing?” Loki raised an eyebrow Thor finally moved from his position; he dropped his arms “Are you trying to take Jane from me, too?” Thor whispered “What?” Loki asked Thor whipped around so he could see Loki “Jane seriously is my angel! Especially her boobs” Loki’s face was emotionless “Is that all you look at?” he asked “Not true!” Thor protests, but Loki still thinks otherwise. “She’s more than that! Jane is...” Thor would have finished speaking if he had not of ran into Sigyn

“Whoops” Thor says. Sigyn was down on her hands and knees from just falling. “Sorry, Sorry” Thor apologies, Sigyn turns her head and scowls at Thor. “Hey it was just an accident, alright?” Thor said defensively. Sigyn just got up and walked away no words no nothing just walked away.

 “She’s such a weirdo” Thor mumbled “Who is she?” Loki asked putting his hands in his pockets “You don’t know?” Thor raised an eyebrow. Loki’s eyes widened slightly with curiosity

“That’s Sigyn Freyadottir. She’s in my class. She’s always like that, she never talks. I bet no one’s ever heard her voice. I don’t know what her problem is. She’s not my type anyway” Thor informed Loki “Hmm…” Loki mumbles And Thor looked at him like he was crazy, as Loki just smiled. “She’s kind of... interesting” Loki whispered.  

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