why does love hurt?

Sigyn was never a popular student at Midgard high, Loki quickly turns that around after a while Sigyn started to talk to people, she started to trust people, she started to love. But every relationship has trouble. This is Sigyns trouble


2. not reasoning

(A/N) sorry I haven't updated this in forever. It is just a vary hard story to write because it is based off of a true story, about one of my friends. But never fear! I finally updated! I had to change names for peoples protection anyway... enjoy

The school bells rang throughout the halls. Teenagers running into each other, or walking along trying to reach their classes in time.


Thor groaned "what is the point of these morning assemblies?" He asked no one in particular.


 Thor was dragging himself till he walked past the school's stairs and saw two brunettes walking up. His eyes widened "you girls are looking scandalous!" He yelled running up to the girls 


"hey stop that!" One of the girls yelled "your little pervert!" The second yelled. "If you wanna hide them don't have your skirts so short." Thor complained 


"hey, don't be a jerk" Loki said walking up the the level Thor was on. Thor had turned his head around 


"I'm giving them advice!  Its even hotter when you try to hide 'em you'll give guys the wrong idea and make them think you want it" Loki shook his head frowning. 


"Your the only pervert here!" A girl in a dark ocean blue sweater snapped "you sound like an old man!" The brunette in the yellow sweater barked 


"Anyway, Loki, you went to dinner with girls from Midgard didn't you? Was it a mixer?" Tallia asked "Nah, we just grabbed something to eat" Loki replied with a smile "but that's not fair! You go out with us!" Tallia said crossing her arms "yeah, I will. Soon" 


Thor stared disappointed that Loki had all the girls  "all right!, its a promise" Tallia yelled Thor looked to his side "you don't see a knee length skirt every day! That's pretty scandalous, too" Thor mumbled to himself he started walking up the stairs and Loki noticed him.


Two finger extended and then three, four "Let's see who is wearing it..." Thor whispered he slightly tugged on it and Sigyn's eyes got big "huh? Oh, it's you" Thor said clearly disappointed 


"Hey, Thor, what are you doing?" Loki asked but before Loki got an answer Sigyn flashed back on every thing that happened that day. She started turning around and Loki's eyes got big her blonde hair swinging to the side as she roundhouse kicked Loki. 


Loki flew down the case of stairs land back to back with the wall "LOKI" many girls and boys yelled and scowled at Sigyn "Loki?" Thor asked 


"Every one says its "an accident"... so why does it keep happening? Leave me alone, you asshole!" Sigyn yelled 


Loki's eyebrows furrowed "I hope you die!" She added and turned around, to start marching up the stair cases 


"Thor is the one who did it!" Tallia said "Loki, are you okay?" She asked. All Loki could do was stare, dumbfounded before he broke out in giggles "ow..." he mumbled in between. Thor sighed "did you hit your head?" He asked raising an eyebrow Loki looked up and smiled "Sigyn Freyadottir" is all he said.


Sigyn opened her locker to reveal many push pins and a note fall


How could you hit an innocent guy?
Apologize bitch


"Sigyn?" She looked up from her letter to see Loki smile and wave his bruised hand "hey" he said walking closer she stared at his bruise for a moment 

"What do you want?" Sigyn asked sadly 

"I'd like to apologize" Loki answered 

"Apologize? What for?"

"Because it was my friend who upset you. Thor, the guy who pulled your skirt. Is my friend. He told me you're in his class" Loki explained


"News to me. I don't talk to anyone in class" Sigyn put her shoes on a bench 


"He is pretty girl crazy. But he doesn't mean any harm. I guess it was still pretty unpleasant. Though." Loki went on  "Sigyn, I'm sorry" he added. She gasped she never had anyone tell her that.


"Okay w-well I'm sorry too s-sorry for accidentally kicking you" she said gripping the crumbled letter harder.


 Loki giggled "uh umm" Sigyn almost panicked "sorry I can't believe you roundhouse kicked me out of nowhere!" Loki's giggles turned into laughs. Sigyn's cheeks got warmer as she was on the verge of tears 

"Oh sorry. Seriously" Loki started


 "can I go now?" Sigyn wined and turned around her back facing Loki "you're pretty fun" Loki started "f-fun as in fun to pick on?" She asked


 "no not at all. Its more like, I think it'd be fun to get to know you" Loki explained 

"I don't understand."

"What I mean is...how do I put this..." Loki trailed


 "I don't care" Sigyn started to walk away leaving Loki stunned.

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