Dare To Dream 2

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  • Published: 16 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 30 Dec 2013
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Dare To Dream 2; Kim and Louis are reunited from her first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show two years ago. Lizzy is new to modeling, she auditions to be the next Victoria Secret Model. Not only is she the only one auditioning, she is going against many other girls, but her biggest competition is Raven. When they come down to the top 5, they got to hang out with One Direction with Kim. But things starts to heat up when both Raven and Lizzy gets distracted from the lads. Kim defends both Lizzy and Raven throughout the competition, when it came down to the finale... Raven and Lizzy are both in it, but who will win? And the winner is....


12. The Winner Is...

(Victoria's Secret Fashion Show) 

Amy: Girls, we have the results on who is going home. 

Girls: *looks at eachother and holds hand* 

Lizzy: *looks to the ground* 

Kim: *walks out the runway* 

Amy: Stacy, the world has voted you to go home. 

Stacy: *cries*  

Amy: *hugs stacy* 

Stacy: *hugs amy, lizzy, raven, and roy* Thank you. 

Kim: *walks back to the back* 

Stacy: *leaving* 

Kim: Stacy. 

Stacy: *forces a smile crying* You look great tonight Kim, I wish I can walk the runway with you, but apparently, I'm going home now. 

Kim: Aw. *hugs stacy* 

Worker: C'mon Kim, we need you to go change. 

Kim: *walking off* I'm sorry Stacy, I love you! I hope to see you again! 

(Next Runway) 

Amy: Alright, Kim is about to walk out for this final runway and then one of you two will be the last to come out as the new Victoria Secret Model. In my hands is the winner... 

Kim: *walks out for the runway/smiles* 

Lizzy: *looks at raven* 

Raven: *smiles* Good luck Liz. 

Lizzy: *smiles and looks to the ground* 

Amy: The winner is... 

Raven: *cries a little* 

Amy: I'm sorry, buy your journey ends tonight... Raven, congratulations, you are the new Victoria Secret Model. 

Raven: *screams in excitement*  

Amy: Hurry up and go before you miss your entrance* 

Worker: *escorts raven to the runway* 

Kim: *walks back to the back* 

Raven: *walks out to the runway* 

Kim: *smiles big/screams* Congrats girl! 

Raven: *walking/smiles* Thanks. *cont. walking off* 

Kim: *enters the backstage* 

Raven: *poses and smiles and then walks back to the back* 

Kim: *hugging lizzy* I'm sorry you didn't babe, I really was rooting for you and hoping you would of proved us all wrong, but don't give up your dreams ok, I know you can still make it big some where else. 

Lizzy: Thank you for believing and pushing me to improve. I'm so glad I met you and got to become great friends with you. *cries* I got you a little gift. *hands kim her gift* 

Kim: *cries* Aw Lizzy. 

Worker: C'mon Kim, we need you out now, you and Raven together. 

Kim: Ok, take care Lizzy! *walks off and meets raven/smiles* Congrats girl! *grabs ravens hand* You ready? 

Raven: Been ready for this Kim. *smiles* 

Worker: Alright, you two are the last ones, go. 

Kim: *walks out the runway holding raven's hand* 

Raven: *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles and waves to Louis* 

(After The Show) 

Niall: *walks up to raven* Congrats on winning. 

Raven: Niall! *hugs niall* Thank you so much. 

Niall: *smiles and stares at raven* 

Raven: *smiles shyly* 

Niall: *kisses raven*

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