Dare To Dream 2

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  • Published: 16 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 30 Dec 2013
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Dare To Dream 2; Kim and Louis are reunited from her first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show two years ago. Lizzy is new to modeling, she auditions to be the next Victoria Secret Model. Not only is she the only one auditioning, she is going against many other girls, but her biggest competition is Raven. When they come down to the top 5, they got to hang out with One Direction with Kim. But things starts to heat up when both Raven and Lizzy gets distracted from the lads. Kim defends both Lizzy and Raven throughout the competition, when it came down to the finale... Raven and Lizzy are both in it, but who will win? And the winner is....


5. The Many Eliminations

Amy: Girls, today, we are working on posture and walking, some of you got the walk, but most of you quite don't. So I'm canceling London, and we are gonna stay in NYC and rehearse the walk more before we go out in public. 

Ashley: That's just stupid because we're all packed already and then we get here and you tell us that, like that's really immature and stupid of you. 

Kim: *chuckles* 

Roy: Ashley, you are disqualified from today's event, go back to your hotel. 

Ashley: Well fuck you guys anyways, you guys are stupid and pathetic. *walks off* 

Amy: I hope you don't mean that. 

Ashley: I do! *runs off* 

Amy: *sighs* Alright, girls, you know the rules, go backstage and get ready, the best walk will be saved tonight, but tonight, five of you will be going home. The most troubled ones will be going home. Good luck ladies. 

Girls: *leaves to get ready* 

Kim: That Ashley girl really needs to go now; I've had enough of her. 

Amy: We'll see what happens after their auditions. *walks off* 

Stacy: *walks out first* 

Amy: *looks at stacy* 

Stacy: *stands in front of the judges* 

Kim: *smiles* Hi Stacy, how do you think you did? 

Stacy: I was actually nervous because it's like auditioning all over again. 

Kim: Would you audition all over again if you got to? 

Stacy: Yeah I would do it all over again. *smiles* 

Kim: Good answer. 

Roy: Stacy, you're tall, the boys will love you, and you will gain a lot of fame quick. 

Stacy: *smiling* Thank you so much Roy. 

Amy: Stacy, you wow me all the time. 

Stacy: *chuckles* Really? 

Amy: Yes, I really hope you stay because I would hate to see you go. 

Stacy: Aw, well I hope I stay too and make it to the end. *smiles in tears* 

Kim: No, don't cry yet because you haven't heard mine yet. 

Stacy: *wipes her tears* I'm sorry. *chuckles softly* 

Kim: *smiles* Stacy, you are wonderful, like Roy said, you are tall, but you are beautiful, and I love you. You're personality, your taste, and just everything about you is perfect. I know there's no such thing as perfect, but you are perfect to me. 

Stacy: *cries* Aw. 

Kim: *gets up and hugs stacy* I'm really looking forward to see you in the next round. 

Stacy: Thank you. *walks back to the back* 

Raven: *walks out next to the stage smiling and twirling* 

Roy: *gives raven a look* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Raven: *stands in front of the judges smiling* 

Roy: Raven, what was that? 

Raven: *stops smiling/confused* 

Roy: You don't ever walk out from the curtains twirling and dancing. You are in a runway, not a dance class. 

Raven: I'm sorry, I was just, I really wanted to try something different today. 

Roy: I don't think you're ready yet. 

Raven: I am actually. 

Roy: Then prove it. 

Raven: Ok. 

Amy: Raven, I have to agree with Roy, this is a runway, not a dance class. Away from that, I still think your walk is the best out of all the girls, there's something that just makes me want to say... Raven, you've won. 

Raven: *covers her mouth* Really?  

Amy: Yes. *smiles* 

Raven: *screams in excitement* Wow. *chuckles* 

Kim: Raven! Hello! *smiles* 

Raven: Hi Kim. *smiles* 

Kim: Forget what Roy said, that was a grand entrance that we hope we never ever see again, but seriously, that was different, but I thought it was cute. I mean when I auditioned, I was nervous; I was scared I thought I would mess up, but hey I made it through. But Raven! You are confident, you have high potentials, and you always impress me girl! 

Raven: *giggles* I'm glad I do. 

Kim: I really hope you get to the finals because girl, you are smokin', now get off stage. 

Raven: *walks back to the back* 

Lizzy: *walks out to the stage* 

Kim: *smiles* Lizzy, I just want to say, well let me ask you first, how was it? 

Lizzy: Um, I think I've done better, I mean I'm not as nervous anymore, but I kinda am at the same time. *smiles nervously* 

Kim: Well I can tell you that it was better than your first audition. Your walk is still whack, you gotta work that runway girl, I mean, if it was me and I'm getting all these comments, I would take them seriously, and work on whatever was said. 

Lizzy: Ok. 

Kim: Good because you need to... work it if you want to win. 

Lizzy: *nods* 

Amy: You girls did a wonderful job, but tonight, five of you girls are going home. Ashley, Kim, Roy, and I, we have come to an agreement that we are sending you home on your own personal reasons. 

Ashley: What!? You guys can't send me home! I didn't even get to walk! That's not fair! 

Amy: No, not with that kind of attitude. 

Ashley: I have no attitude! 

Amy: Ashley, I need you to leave. 

Ashley: *cries* It's not fair! *runs off* 

Amy: *sighs* Alright girls, it is now time for eliminations. The name I call will be safe tonight. Raven, you are saved tonight. 

Raven: *screams in excitement* Oh my gosh, thank you all so much. I know I ruined the runway, but wow to still get saved tonight. It's a miracle, thank you. *smiles and takes her wings* 

Amy: The next one will be going home. *looks at the girls* April, your road to be the next angel is over. 

April: *cries*  

Girls: *hugs april* 

April: Thank you so much for letting me get this far, you guys have truly taught me a lot, and I've learn so well. Thank you. *leaves* 

Amy: The next one going to the next round is Nicole. 

Nicole: *screams in excitement and goes gets her wings* 

Amy: Next one through is Jillian. 

Jillian: *screams* Oh my god! Thank you, thank you! *gets her wings* 

Amy: Next going home is... Gabby. 

Gabby: *forces a smile and leaves* 

Amy: The next two are going home... *looks at the girl* Katie and Christy, you two are going home. 

Katie: *grabs christys hand and walk back to the back* 

Amy: The next two going to the next round are... Stacy and Jessica. 

Stacy: *exhales* Thank you jesus. *smiles and goes takes her wings* 

Jessica: *gets her wings* 

Amy: Lizzy and Natalie, please step forward. 

Natalie: *holds lizzy's hand* 

Amy: Lizzy, your walk hasn't improve at all, we told you from the very beginning, if you work on the walk, you got it, but it seems like you are not taking this seriously.  

Lizzy: I'm sorry, I'll work on it. 

Amy: Natalie, you have the walk, you have the looks, but you just don't have the spirit in you. I want you to be confident with yourself, with your body. 

Natalie: I'm sorry, it's just that I get so nervous in front of people; I tend to forget to do the things I'm supposed to do. 

Amy: I understand, but winning this, you're gonna have to be ready for the stage, be ready to talk, be ready for the cameras Natalie. 

Natalie: Yeah, I know. 

Amy: Alright, let's go for eliminations now. 

Lizzy: *looks to the ground* 

Natalie: *cries* 

Amy: Natalie. 

Natalie: *looks at amy* 

Amy: We are truly sorry, but we are sending you home. 

Natalie: *hugs lizzy* Congrats honey, I'm so proud of you that you've made it this far, I hope you win. *smiles and leaves* 

Kim: Well, you know what it is. Congrats girls! You final six are going to the next round! 

Girls: *celebrates*

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