Hired For Zayn

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  • Published: 24 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 28 Dec 2013
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Hired For Zayn; Kim and Kay are two personality, but the same girl. Kim is a normal brunette girl who never wears makeup or never cares how she looks and has been dating Louis for three years. When fans starts to mob Kim, she changes her look to a beautiful blonde and gets spotted by management on accident to date Zayn. Kim tries her best to not be so close to Louis, but Niall puts the puzzles together and discovers something. Will he keep the secret sealed?


16. When Love Comes Knocking In

(The Next Day) 

Kim: *walks back into the apartment*  

Owner: Hello what can I... Hey! You stole my keys! 

Kim: I didn't mean, I came back to return them to you.  

Owner: I should have you arrested, but you're a very pretty girl. 

Kim: Look, I'm sorry, I was just hurt and upset about something that I took off like that, but thank you for letting me stay another week. I promise when I find a new job, I'll pay you back ok. 

Owner: *crosses his arms upset* 

Kim: I'm sorry. *leaves* 

Louis: I'm sorry about last night Eleanor. 

Eleanor: No, it's all understandable, I mean, I would want the one I love to come after me too. 

Louis: But I'm not in love with you Eleanor, I'm in love with Kim. Kim's been the love interest for me for 3 years now. I've done her wrong, and I need to apologize to her.  

Eleanor: Yeah, just go like we didn't share anything last night Louis! 

Louis: I'm sorry El. 

Eleanor: Hate guys like you. *crosses her arms upset* 

Louis: Well you know what! You're just another slut to mess around with! *leaves mad* 

Eleanor: *gasp* Excuse me!? 

Louis: *gets in the car and leaves* 

Eleanor: Louis Tomlinson! 

Kim: *sitting in her car* What the hell am I supposed to do now? I can't go home without money, I can't go anywhere without money. I can't even eat without money! Oh my god, what am I to do? 

Zayn: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hello? 

Zayn: Hey. 

Kim: Who's this? 

Zayn: Zayn? 

Kim: Zayn! Oh my god, I need your help. 

Zayn: What's wrong? 

Kim: I need some money to eat. 

Zayn: *chuckles* Don't worry, I got you, I'll pay. 

Kim: No! You don't understand Zayn! I'm broke, I have no money, no job, no place to live, I'm far from home... *cries* I don't know what to do Zayn. 

Zayn: *feels bad* Stay where you are, I'll come find you. 

Kim: Ok, please don't take long because it's getting dark and I'm scared. 

Zayn: Ok, I'll be an hour, but please just wait ok. 

Kim: Ok. 

Zayn: I'm coming right now. 

Kim: *locks her door and sits silently scared* 

Guy 1: Hey! 

Kim: Go away! 

Guy 2: Open this door. 

Kim: No! 

Guy 2: Hurry up! 

Kim: No! *cries* Go away! 

Guy 1: *breaks the window* 

Kim: *screams and cries* Help! 

Guy 1: *opens the car door and drags kim out* 

Kim: *screaming for help* 

Guy 2: *knocks kim out* 

Guy 1: Dude! 

Guy 2: What? 

Guy 1: You knocked a girl out! 

Guy 2: So? Check her purse. 

Guy 1: *grabs kims purse* Fuck! 

Guy 2: What? 

Guy 1: She doesn't even have any cash on her! 

Guy 2: What! *looks at kim and kicks her hard* 

Zayn: *pulls up* Hey! 

Guy 1: *runs* 

Zayn: *gets out the car and runs after the guys* 

Guy 2: *looks at zayn and then takes off running* 

Zayn: *angry* Fucking bitches! 

Guy 2: *laughs* Fuck you! 

Zayn: *checks up on kim* Kim. Kim! *shakes kim* 

Kim: *doesn't respond* 

Zayn: *carries kim into his car* I'll be right back Kim, I'm sorry. 

Guy 1: Dude! What if he calls the cops on us? 

Guy 2: He won't, trust me, did you see how small he looked?! *laughs* 

Guy 1: *fakes laugh* 

Zayn: *knocks out guy 2 with a wood from behind* 

Guy 1: What the hell! *runs towards zayn* 

Zayn: *gets attacked to the floor* 

Guy 1: *beats up zayn* 

Kim: *throws a rock at guy 1* Leave him alone! 

Guy 1: What the! *turns around and sees kim* Oh, you want to die don't you! *gets off zayn and walks towards kim* 

Kim: *scared* Please don't hurt me. 

Guy 1: *grabs kim by the throat* 

Witness: *calls the cops* 

Zayn: *gets up and runs and attacks guy 1 from behind* 

Guy 1: *tosses zayn over* 

Zayn: *gets up and runs towards guy 1* 

Guy 1: *quickly stabs zayn with a blade* 

Kim: *screams* Zayn! *grabs the wood and hits guy 1* 

Guy 1: You want to mess with me! *back hands kim* 

Kim: *falls to the ground* 

Zayn: *gets up slowly and grabs the wood and hits guy 1* 

Guy 1: *falls to the ground* 

Zayn: *stands over guy 1 and smacks him hard with the wood*  

Guy 1: *knocks out* 

Zayn: Don't you ever! Lay a hand on a girl ever again! *covers his wound and walks to kim* 

Kim: *slowly gets up* 

Zayn: *kneels down to kim* You ok? 

Kim: *crying* Zayn, I'm so sorry, are you ok? 

Zayn: No, I'm sorry that I took so long. 

Kim: *hugs zayn crying* 

Zayn: *falls to the ground* Ah. *holding his wound* 

Kim: I'm so sorry Zayn, I'll take you to the hospital. 

Guy 2: *gets up* What the hell? 

Kim: *screams* 

Zayn: Let's go Kim.  

Kim: *gets up and helps zayn up* C'mon Zayn. 

Cops: *arrives at the scene* 

Zayn: Just take me home. 

Kim: *driving/crying* I have to take you to the hospital Zayn, I can't have you bleeding all over. 

Zayn: I'm fine! Just, just take me home Kim. 

Kim: *sobs* 

Witness: It was a brunette girl and a black hair guy, his whole right arm is filled with tattoos, I couldn't see their face clear but I got down their license plate. 

Cops: Thank you. 

Liam: What happened Zayn?! 

Zayn: Get Kim checked up. 

Liam: Harry! Call the ambulances! 

Harry: I'm on it. 

Louis: *enters the scene* What happened Zayn!? 

Zayn: *falls to the ground*

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