Hired For Zayn

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  • Published: 24 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 28 Dec 2013
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Hired For Zayn; Kim and Kay are two personality, but the same girl. Kim is a normal brunette girl who never wears makeup or never cares how she looks and has been dating Louis for three years. When fans starts to mob Kim, she changes her look to a beautiful blonde and gets spotted by management on accident to date Zayn. Kim tries her best to not be so close to Louis, but Niall puts the puzzles together and discovers something. Will he keep the secret sealed?


10. Paris

Katie: *texts kay* Pack your things, you're going to meet Zayn in Paris. 

Kim: *reads her text/replies to Katie* I'm in London with Louis, I can't just leave. 

Katie: Think of a plan.  

Kim: *gets more irritated* 

Louis: Hey babe, I have to go Paris for the next show later tonight, are you just gonna stay here? 

Kim: Um, yeah? I'll stay here. 

Louis: Ok, and if you go anywhere make sure to lock up ok. 

Kim: Yep. 

Louis: What's wrong? 

Kim: Nothing, I'm fine. 

Louis: I love you babe, if something is bothering you, let me know. 

Kim: Nothing is bothering me babe. *forces a smile* Just go pack for Paris. I'll be here.  

Louis: You don't want to help me pack? 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. *helps Louis pack* 

(Later That Night) 

Louis: *holding kims hand* I'll see you in a couple of days ok. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* I'll see you real soon too. 

Louis: *kisses kim* What? *chuckles* 

Kim: *chuckles softly* Nothing. 

Louis: Alright, I have to go now. Be good and stay safe ok. 

Kim: Yeah, you too. Have fun and not too much where I wish I was there too. 

Louis: *laughs* Ok, I won't have too much fun. 

Kim: *smiles* I love you. 

Louis: I love you more babe. 

Kim: *blushes* 

Louis: *kisses kim* Ok, see you. 

Kim: Bye. 

Louis: *smiles and leaves* 

Kim: *runs back to the car and leaves* 

1D: *heads off to paris* 

Kim: *gets out the car and gets her luggage and heads in the van* 

Lance: Are you ready? 

Kim: Yeah, go. 

Lance: *drives off* 

1D: *checks into their hotel* 

Kim: *about to land* 

Louis: I'm gonna go to the lobby to get something to eat. 

Niall: I wanna go with you. 

Louis: Ok. 

Kim: *walks into the hotel and sees Louis and on the elevator through the glass* Oh shit! What are they doing in this hotel? 

Louis: *laughing out lous* Niall! 

Niall: *laughing* 

Kim: *checks in/takes her card key* 

Louis: Kim? 

Kim: *walks faster to the elevator* 

Niall: What? 

Louis: Is that? No, that can't be Kim, she's in London. 

Niall: Kinda looks like her from behind. 

Louis: It's not, everyone looks familiar from behind. 

Kim: *sees Louis and niall in the lobby* 

Louis: *looks at the elevator* 

Kim: *quickly turns away* 

Louis: *gets suspicious* Hold on, I have to call Kim. 

Kim: *ignores the call* 

Niall: What? 

Louis: She's not picking up. 

Niall: Maybe she's sleeping? 

Louis: She can't be, it's morning. *calls kim again* 

Kim: *runs to her hotel room*  

Louis: Hold on, come with me. Excuse me. 

Front Desk: Yes? 

Louis: Who was that girl that just checked in? 

Front Desk: Which one? There was so many girls that checked in. 

Louis: The brunette one. 

Front Desk: I don't, I'm sorry, I can't tell you. 

Louis: Yeah, I'm, I'm sorry. 

Kim: *calls Louis back* 

Louis: Excuse me, Kim? Is everything ok? 

Kim: Hey babe, sorry, I was in the shower. 

Louis: Oh okay, I just, are you still at my place? 

Kim: Yeah, I'm here, why? 

Louis: I swore I just saw you check in. 

Kim: Me? Checking on? With what money babe? 

Louis: I, I don't know, are you sure you're not in Paris? 

Kim: I cross my heart. 

Louis: Maybe I'm just... 

Kim: Jetlag must be that. 

Louis: Yeah, I think so too. Well ok, I just called to check up on you. I love you. 

Kim: I love you too. *smiles* 

Louis: Talk to you later. *hangs up* 

Kim: *exhales and throws herself onto the bed* 

Niall: You ready? 

Louis: Yeah, let's go back to the room. 

Kim: *changes and fixes herself up quickly* 

Zayn: What happened to you? 

Louis: Nah, I just, it's nothing. 

Niall: He thought he saw Kim. 

Zayn: Did you? 

Louis: No. 

Kim: *exhales* Alright, let's go see Zayn. *leaves to the boys room* 

Niall: *laughing* 

Kay: *rings the bell* 

Zayn: It must be Kay, I'll open it. *opens the door* 

Kay: Hey. *smiles and hugs zayn* 

Zayn: *hugs kay back* Come in. 

Liam: Hi Kay. 

Kay: *smiles* Hey Liam. 

Louis: *smiles* 

Kay: *chuckles* What's wrong Louis? 

Louis: You look a lot like my girlfriend you know that. 

Kay: *laughs* What? Well, that means she must be pretty like me then huh? 

Louis: She's beautiful, yeah. 

Kay: I bet she is, where is she? 

Louis: She's at my place in London, matter of fact, I should call her again. 

Kay: Wait! 

Zayn: *looks at kay* 

Kay: I mean, what for? 

Louis: I'll call her later then. 

Kay: *fakes a chuckle* Ok. 

Zayn: Well, we'll be back, we're gonna go to the lock bridge. 

Harry: Have fun! 

Zayn: *smiles/leaves hand in hand with kay* 

Kay: *walks in the elevator first* 

Zayn: *gets in the elevator* 

Kay: Dang, that's a lot of fans and paparazzi's outside. 

Zayn: Eh yeah, we'll make a run for it to the van. 

Kay: Ok. 

Zayn: Just hold onto my hand. 

Kay: I will, or I am. *laughs* 

Zayn: *laughs* 

Paparazzi's: *snapping pics* 

Kay: *looks to the ground* 

Zayn: *walks out the elevator first* 

Kay: *follows behind* 

Paul: *escorts zayn and kay to the front* 

Zayn: Ready? 

Kay: *nods* 

Zayn: *runs first* 

Kay: *runs behind zayn/gets in the van first* 

Zayn: *gets in the van* 

Paul: *gets in the van and shuts the door* 

Zayn: *walking hand in hand with kay on the bridge* 

Kay: *smiles for zayns camera* 

Zayn: *smiles and takes a selfie with kay* 

Kay: *kisses zayns cheek* 

Zayn: *snaps the picture* You look great. 

Kay: *smiles* 

Zayn: *kisses kay* 

Kay: *kisses zayn back* 

Zayn: *puts his arms around kim and walks to the locks* 

Paparazzi's: *snaps pics* 

Kay: What are you doing? 

Zayn: I'm gonna write our names on the lock. *smiles* 

Kay: *smiles* Ok. 

Zayn: *writes his and kays name* Here you lock it on there. 

Kay: Ok. *kisses the lock* Here you kiss it too. 

Zayn: *kisses the lock and chuckles* 

Kay: *smiles and locks the lock onto the bridge* 

Zayn: *looks at kay and smiles* 

Kay: *kisses zayn* 

Paparazzi's: *snapping pics* 

Fans: Zayn! Zayn! *mobs zayn and kay* 

Zayn: *grabs kims hand and walks into the restaurant* 

Kay: *sits down* 

Zayn: Just order anything and I'll pay for it. 

Kay: No, I can pay for mine. 

Zayn: No, I got it. 

Kay: Ok then. 

Zayn: *orders* 

Kay: *orders* 

Ian: Kay right? 

Kay: Yeah? *looks at zayn and then ian* 

Ian: I'm Ian, I'm your biggest crush. 

Kay: I'm... I don't have a crush on you. *chuckles*  

Zayn: *chuckles* 

Ian: I meant, you're my women crush. *fakes a chuckle* 

Kay: Oh? Well, that's good to know. *smiles* 

Ian: Can I get a picture with you? 

Kay: Um, sure. 

Ian: Can you take a picture of us? 

Zayn: I guess so. 

Kay: *stands up and smiles at the camera* 

Ian: *puts his arms around kays waist and smiles* 

Zayn: *takes the picture* Here you go. 

Ian: Is it ok if I get your number too? 

Kay: Sorry, but you can have my autograph tho. 

Ian: Really?! 

Kay: Yeah. *smiles* and sign her autograph for ian* Here you go. 

Ian: Thank you so much Kay! You are flawless and you are perfect forever my women crush. 

Kay: *chuckles* That's good to hear from a fan. 

Ian: Thank you, but I have to go, hope to see you around.  

Kay: You too Ian. *smiles* 

Ian: *smiles and leaves* 

Zayn: Well, we should start going too. 

Kay: Ok. *leaves hand in hand with zayn to their hotel* 

Zayn: I'll walk you to your room and then I'll go to mine. *smiles* 

Kay: That's fine. *walks into the elevator* 

Zayn: *lets go of kays hand*  

Kay: *looks at zayn* 

Zayn: Oh, sorry. *grabs kays hand and holds it again* 

Kay: *gets out the elevator first and opens her door* 

Zayn: We'll say goodbye right here. 

Kay: *makes a sad* Aw, ok. 

Zayn: *chuckles* What? 

Kay: Nothing. *stares at zayn and then kisses him* 

Zayn: *chuckles* 

Kay: I'll see you tomorrow then. 

Zayn: *kisses kay and closes the door behind him* 

Kay: *really kisses zayn back* 

Zayn: *pushes kay onto the bed kissing her* 

Kay: *realizes what's gonna happen* Zayn, Zayn! 

Zayn: *stops kissing kay* What? 

Kay: Not tonight. 

Zayn: I, I'm sorry, I don't know why I just... 

Kay: *kisses zayn* You have to go, I'll see you tomorrow. 

Zayn: Ok then, I'll see you tomorrow. 

Kay: *smiles* 

Zayn: *gets up and walks to the door* I love you. 

Kay: *walks to the door* I love you too Zayn. 

Zayn: *smiles* 

Kay: *kisses zayn again* Goodnight. 

Zayn: Goodnight babe. *smiles and leaves* 

Kay: *closes the door* What the hell just happened? 

Louis: Oh, look who's back from his date. 

Zayn: *chuckles* 

Liam: How was it? 

Zayn: I almost got at it with her. 

Niall: Over what? 

Zayn: What you mean? 

Harry: He means, they almost had sex, right? 

Zayn: *laughs* Harry. 

Harry: What else did you mean? *smiles big* 

Zayn: Yes, you're correct Harry. 

Harry: Yes! I knew it. *laughs*  

Zayn: Shush it Harry. *heads into the shower* 

Harry: You think he's lying? You think they really did do it. 

Niall: I don't know. 

Louis: We'll you heard him, he said they almost went at it. 

Kim: *calls Louis* 

Louis: Oh, hold on. Hello? 

Kim: Hey babe. 

Louis: Oh hey Kim. *gets off the bed* What's up? 

Kim: Nothing, I just called to say I missed you. 

Louis: *walks outside the room* I missed you too babe, what'd you do all day? 

Kim: Well, I went shopping, I bought myself a new pair of shoes. 

Louis: Really? Take a picture of it, I want to see it. 

Kim: Well I ordered it, so it should be here when you come back. 

Louis: I can't wait to see you babe.  

Kim: Me too, but I had a long day, I'm exhausted, so I'll talk to you tomorrow ok. 

Louis: Ok babe, I'll talk to you tomorrow too then. 

Kim: Goodnight. 

Louis: Goodnight. 

Kim: *hangs up and heads in the shower* 

Zayn: Where'd you go? 

Louis: Kim called. 

Zayn: Is she ok? 

Louis: Yeah, everything's good at the house. 

Liam: That's good. 

Louis: Yeah. 

Zayn: Guys, I'm gonna go to bed first, I had a long day. 

Louis: Wait what? You had a long day? What'd you do all day? 

Zayn: I was with my girlfriend. 

Louis: What's her name again? 

Zayn: Kay, Kay McAdams. 

Louis: *looks at the boys* Hmm, ok then. 

Zayn: Why? 

Louis: Nothing, I'm gonna go to bed too. 

Liam: C'mon, let's all go to bed, we got to get up early for rehearsals. 

Niall: Ok. 

Harry: Right behind you guys.

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