Hired For Zayn

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  • Published: 24 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 28 Dec 2013
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Hired For Zayn; Kim and Kay are two personality, but the same girl. Kim is a normal brunette girl who never wears makeup or never cares how she looks and has been dating Louis for three years. When fans starts to mob Kim, she changes her look to a beautiful blonde and gets spotted by management on accident to date Zayn. Kim tries her best to not be so close to Louis, but Niall puts the puzzles together and discovers something. Will he keep the secret sealed?


4. Meeting Zayn

(The Next Day) 

1D: *taking a break from rehearsals* 

Kay: *drops by the studio* 

Harry: *looks at kay* Whoa. 

Kay: *smiles*  

Zayn: *forgets to move* 

Kay: *stands in silence* Did I interrupt you guys? 

Liam: *elbows zayn* 

Zayn: Oh, no I'm sorry, no you didn't interrupt us at all. *looks at the boys embarrass and chuckles/walks to kay and hugs her* how come you didn't tell me you were coming? 

Kay: Well I wanted it to be a surprise. *smiles and looks at Louis* 

Louis: *smiles kindly to kay* 

Kay: Um, can we talk outside? 

Zayn: Oh, um, yeah. *smiles* Guys, I'll be back. 

Harry: She smiled at you Louis. 

Louis: I know she did. 

Liam: She looked very uncomfortable. 

Niall: I don't know, but she's a very pretty girl. 

Harry: She's hot. 

Liam: Hey, that's Zayn's girl. 

Niall: By contract. *chuckles* 

Zayn: It's so good to meet you, what's your name? 

Kay: I'm Kay, and you're Zayn correct? 

Zayn: Yeah, I'm Zayn, I wasn't expecting to have a girlfriend so soon. 

Kay: Yeah, but I'm here and we have to act like we're in love and been together for a while. 

Zayn: *chuckles* Yeah, but um, would you like to go get something to eat? 

Kay: Yeah sure? 

Zayn: Alright, let me just go get the other guys. 

Kay: Ok. 

Louis: *walks out the door first* 

Kay: *in her head* Babe. 

Zayn: *holds kims hand* Alright, let's go. 

Kay: *tries hard not to look at Louis* 

Lance: *drives off* 

Zayn: I'm gonna go wash up, go find a table for us. 

Kay: Ok. 

Louis: *sits across from kay* 

Kay: *looks at Louis and then looks away* 

Louis: *chuckles* Why do you keep looking at me? 

Kay: Do you have a girlfriend? 

Louis: Do I have a girlfriend? Well, yeah I do actually. 

Kay: Yeah? What's her name? 

Louis: Ok, um, this isn't awkward, but her name is Kim, she's a very beautiful natural beauty, and I'm gonna ask her to marry me on stage when we get to LA in the summer. 

Kay: *tears in her eyes* 

Louis: Are you crying? 

Kay: I'm sorry, it's just, that's the sweetest thing I've ever heard, she's a very lucky girl to have you. *smiles* 

Zayn: *sits next to kim* What happened? 

Kay: Louis is gonna propose to his girlfriend on stage when you guys get to LA. 

Zayn: Really? 

Louis: I'm thinking it, but you guys cannot tell her, well you don't know her so it doesn't really matter. *chuckles* 

Kay: *fakes a smile* 

Zayn: Alright, are we ready to order? 

Niall: I'll order first. 

Louis: Niall, you always do. 

Niall: *laughs* 

(Later That Night) 

Kay: *walks to her hotel room and sits on the bed* 

Louis: *texts kim* I met Zayn's girlfriend today and she reminded me a lot of you, I miss you babe. 

Kim: *reads the text and cries* 

Liam: What are you doing? 

Louis: I was just texting my girl.  

Liam: She still up? 

Louis: I think so. 

Kim: *takes off the wig and puts it away* What have I done to myself. 

Room Service: *knocks on the door* 

Kim: Who is it? 

Room Service: Room Service, I have an order for you from Zayn. 

Kim/Kay: Shit! *quickly puts on her wig and opens the door* Hi. *fakes a smile* Come in. 

Room Service: I'll set your order right here for you. 

Kay: Thank you so much, looks delicious. *smiles* 

Room Service: He said, he'll join you in ten minutes. 

Kay: Ten? 

Room Service: Yes, ten. 

Kay: Ok. *smiles* 

Room Service: *leaves* 

Kay: What the? I'm not spending the night with Zayn! No one told me! *looks at the business phone* 

Katie: Zayn will be staying the night later. 

Kay: How did I not see this text, it was sent four hours ago. 

Zayn: *knocks on the door* 

Kay: Who is it. 

Zayn: It's me. 

Kay: *eyes widen*

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