Hired For Zayn

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  • Published: 24 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 28 Dec 2013
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Hired For Zayn; Kim and Kay are two personality, but the same girl. Kim is a normal brunette girl who never wears makeup or never cares how she looks and has been dating Louis for three years. When fans starts to mob Kim, she changes her look to a beautiful blonde and gets spotted by management on accident to date Zayn. Kim tries her best to not be so close to Louis, but Niall puts the puzzles together and discovers something. Will he keep the secret sealed?


7. Behind Their Backs Or On Accident

1D: *performing* 

Kim: *goes and stands in the stands* 

Louis: *sees kim and smiles* 

Kim: *gives Louis a weird look* 

Louis: *gets confused* 

Katie: Why isn't she? *gets upset* 

Zayn: *sings his solo part and looks at the stands and only sees kim* 

Kim: *smiles at zayn* 

Zayn: *looks at Louis* 

Kim: Oh shit! *looks for Katie* 

Katie: *shakes her head at kim* 

Kim: *walks to Katie* I'm so sorry Katie, I totally forgot. 

Katie: It's your first warning Kim, playing the role of a popular boy band's girlfriend is important. This is your first warning, the next one will be a punishment and the third will be returning all the money back. 

Kim: I got it, I'll go and change. 

Katie: No need to, we have an extra pair in the van, go with Sam. 

Kim: Ok. *leaves with sam* 

Sam: Luckily, we have an extra made for you huh. 

Kim: Yeah, thank you Sam. 

Sam: Before the show ends, come back here to change. 

Kim: Got it. *changes* 

1D: *performs midnight memories* 

Kay: *goes and stands in the stands* 

Zayn: *notices kay and waves to her* 

Kay: *smiles and waves back to zayn* 

Louis: *looks for kim* 

1D: *performs best song ever* 

Kay: *leaves the stands* 

Sam: *escorts kim to the van to change* 

Kay: *changes* 

Sam: It's better if you just go back to the hotel. 

Kim: Why? 

Sam: Don't make it obvious or weird. 

Kim: Ok. *walks to her car and leaves* 

Louis: Paul, have you seen where Kim went? 

Paul: No, I haven't. 

Zayn: *barges into the room* Paul! Where did Kay go? 

Paul: You guys, I don't know where your girlfriends went, maybe they met up and left together. 

Louis: *looks at zayn*  

Zayn: *shrugs his shoulder* 

Katie: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hello? 

Katie: Kim, you're leaving back home tomorrow. 

Kim: What? I want to stay with Louis. 

Katie: Zayn will be dropping you off to the airport. 

Kim: What if I want to leave as me and I want Louis to drop me off? 

Katie: Should we go for second warning? 

Kim: No. 

Katie: Then pack your bags, you will be leaving tomorrow. 

Kim: Ok, I heard you once. 

Katie: Talk to you later. *hangs up* 

Kim: I don't want Zayn to drop me off. What if Louis calls me and wants to visit me? What will I have to say? *phone rings* Hello? 

Louis: Hey babe, I'm gonna drop Kay off at the airport with Zayn tomorrow and then we're gonna pick you up ok? 

Kim: Um, actually, I, I'm already on my way home. 

Louis: What? And you didn't tell me? 

Kim: I'm sorry babe. 

Louis: Something is suspicious about you. 

Kim: Babe, please don't be upset with me, I just, I didn't want to distract you from your tour. It's better if I stay home. 

Louis: Babe, we've done this before. 

Kim: I know, but, it's too late, I'm already almost home. I have to go, I love you. 

Louis: Take care. *hangs up* 

Kim: *sits on the bed and cries* 

Zayn: *knocks on the door* 

Kim: Who is it? 

Zayn: It's me. 

Kim: Uh, give me a minute ok. 

Zayn: Ok. 

Kim/Kay: *gets mad/changes and opens the door* Hey? *smiles* 

Zayn: I have to spend the night here. 

Kay: Oh? That's great, I mean, why not? I'm leaving tomorrow right? *fakes a chuckle* 

Zayn: Yeah, and we won't get to see eachother until a few weeks. 

Kay: Can't wait to see you again. *smiles* 

Zayn: You can stop pretending. *chuckles* 

Kay: Yeah, I know. *laughs and sits on the bed* 

Zayn: Did you need help packing? 

Kay: No, I got it, but thanks tho. 

Zayn: Ok, I'm gonna go get us something to eat downstairs, did you want to go with me? 

Kay: No, it's ok. 

Zayn: Ok then, I'll be back then. 

Kay: Alright. 

Zayn: *leaves* 

Kay: *sits down and sighs*

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