Hired For Zayn

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  • Published: 24 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 28 Dec 2013
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Hired For Zayn; Kim and Kay are two personality, but the same girl. Kim is a normal brunette girl who never wears makeup or never cares how she looks and has been dating Louis for three years. When fans starts to mob Kim, she changes her look to a beautiful blonde and gets spotted by management on accident to date Zayn. Kim tries her best to not be so close to Louis, but Niall puts the puzzles together and discovers something. Will he keep the secret sealed?


11. A Little To Obvious

(The Next Day) 

Kay: *rings the doorbell* 

Louis: *half asleep/opens the door* 

Kay: Hey. *smiles* 

Louis: *smiles tired and hugs kay* 

Zayn: *wakes up* What the hell? 

Louis: Come inside babe. 

Kay: *gets sad for a minute* 

Zayn: Louis! 

Louis: *looks at zayn and then kay* Oh shit, I'm sorry Kay, I thought you were Kim, I'm so sorry. 

Kay: It's ok, but I bought you guys some Starbucks and some breakfast, so if you guys are hungry there's these. I'm gonna go shopping; I'll see you guys later at your show. *smiles and leaves* 

Louis: Zayn, I apologize, I was half asleep and she looked like Kim for a split second. 

Zayn: *changing* It's ok Louis. 

Kay: *calls Louis* 

Louis: Hello? 

Kay: Hey babe, I just called to tell you that I'm going home today. 

Louis: Oh okay, is everything ok at home? 

Kay: Yeah, everything's fine babe. 

Louis: Ok, well call me later when you get home ok. 

Kay: I will. 

Louis: I love you. 

Kay: I love you too Louis, bye. 

Louis: Bye. 

Kay: *goes shopping for a new pair of shoes* 

1D: *performs* 

Kay: *arrives and stands in the stand* 

Zayn: *looks towards kay direction and smiles* 

Kay: *smiles and waves to zayn* 

Zayn: *waves and then blows a kiss to kay* 

Kay: *blushes* 

1D: *performs midnight memories* 

Kay: *greets the boys backstage/hugs zayn* Good job tonight babe. *smiles* 

Zayn: *hugs kay back* Thank you babe. You look beautiful tonight. *smiles* 

Kay: *blushes* That kiss you blew me was cute. 

Zayn: *chuckles* Thank you, I'll be right back. 

Kay: Louis. 

Louis: Yeah Kay? 

Kay: *smiles* So you thought I was Kim earlier this morning? *crosses her arms* 

Louis: *chuckles* Yeah, I'm sorry, I was half asleep, but I knew she was in London, I don't know why I thought you were here. 

Kay: I don't blame you, it was 7 in the morning. *chuckles* 

Louis: *smiles big* You look great tonight Kay. 

Kay: *smiles* Thank you Louis, and you do too. You always do. *smiles sad* 

Louis: *laughs* Oh well thank you Kay. 

Kay: *laughs* 

Liam: *looks at kay and Louis with niall* 

Niall: Are they laughing? 

Liam: Flirting? Yeah. 

Louis: But seriously, that Starbucks coffee you brought for us was really sweet, you should have just let us do it ourselves. 

Kay: *chuckles* I wanted to, but I was like nah, they won't have time, why not just make it for them quickly. 

Louis: *laughing* You're funny. 

Kay: And so are you Louis. *smiles/blushes* 

Louis: *stares at kay* 

Kay: *notices the silence and looks at Louis* Yeah? 

Louis: I'm sorry, your smile and the way you blushed... it looked so much like Kim's. 

Kay: *fakes a chuckle* Ha, how weird right? *fakes laughing* 

Louis: *chuckles softly* Well, are you leaving to LA with us? 

Kay: Wait, you guys are heading to LA next? 

Louis: Yeah. 

Kay: Oh, um, I think I'm going? *looks for zayn* 

Zayn: *talking to fans/taking pics with them* 

Louis: Well, I'll let you go, I have to greet a few fans. *smiles* 

Kay: *smiles* Ok. 

Louis: *walks off* 

Liam: Hey. 

Kay: Oh hey Liam. 

Liam: What was so funny? 

Kay: What you mean? 

Liam: The laughs. 

Kay: Were we really that loud? *chuckles* 

Zayn: Hey. *puts his arms around kay* 

Liam: Yeah they were. *smiles and leaves* 

Zayn: What happened? 

Kay: I don't know. 

Zayn: Ok, but are you going with us to LA? 

Kay: I don't know, Katie didn't tell me. 

Zayn: Yeah, she didn't tell me that you were going with us. 

Kay: Should I text her? 

Zayn: No, but if you want you can. 

Kay: I'll text her now, so I know when to pack. 

Zayn: Ok. I'm gonna greet more fans over there. 

Kay: Ok. *texts Katie* Am I going with the boys to LA? 

Katie: Yes, when the boys pack, you should already be packed and ready to go with them. You will sit next to Zayn in the plane, not Louis. 

Kay: *reads the text/replies* Ok, I got it. *phone rings* Hello? 

Louis: Hey babe, where are you? 

Kay: Shit! Um, can I call you back. 

Louis: Where are you? 

Kay: *hangs up/looks at Louis* 

Louis: *looks across to kay* 

Kay: *turns around/walks out the building* 

Zayn: Babe! *walks after kay* Babe! 

Kay: *turns around* Zayn. 

Zayn: Where are you going? 

Kay: I, I have to make a call real quick, I'll be right in. 

Zayn: Ok, don't stay out too long before the fan's finds you. 

Kay: Ok. *smiles* 

Zayn: *smiles and walks back in the building* 

Niall: *walks out the building and sees kay* 

Kay: *calls Louis* 

Louis: Babe! 

Kay: Hey, sorry about that. 

Louis: Where are you? 

Kay: I was at the airport, I had to step out. 

Louis: Oh okay, are you in LA or still in London? 

Kay: I just arrived at the LAX. 

Louis: Ok, um, I'm landing there tomorrow, can you pick me up? 

Kay: I, you want me to pick you up?  

Louis: Yeah. 

Kay: Oh? Um, yeah, I'll try to Louis. 

Niall: Louis? 

Louis: Are you ok babe? 

Kay: Yeah, everything's fine. 

Louis: Ok, well, I'll be landing at 9 AM, so be there before. 

Kay: Ok. 

Louis: Ok, I love you. 

Kay: *fakes a smile* I love you too. 

Niall: *runs back inside the building* 

Louis: Bye. 

Kay: Bye. *hangs up and walks back in the building*

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