just a boy

in this story a young girl named jasmine meets a boy. this boy turns her world upside down while jasmine finds out she is adopted and searches for her birth parents.


5. where to go

jasmines pov

i have been on this bench in the park since yesterday crying my eyes out and wishing god would just kill me then. i didnt understand why this all happened to me, cant i get a break just once?

oh great... alex just happens to see me. out of ten homeless people in this park he sees me.

"hey jasmine are you ok?" 

" oh yeah im just dandy i just cry for fun." i say sarcastically and annoyed.

" let me guess you got 'news' last night didnt you?"

i sat up confused and wiped away my tears. " how did you know that?"

" jasmine. im alex. 18. i look exactly like you. and i came herre to fimd you. im your twin brother. i got told that exact same news a month ago so i set out to find you."

" oh..."

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