just a boy

in this story a young girl named jasmine meets a boy. this boy turns her world upside down while jasmine finds out she is adopted and searches for her birth parents.


2. not as normal day.

jasmines pov

i got a glimpse of the new guy today. seems nice. black emo hair spiked black clothes blue eyes like me. pale skin same as me. in fact we looked a lot alike. he was talking about hockey when i walked past him, dissing my favorite team the detroit red wings. "im just saying guys that if i have to watch more of their sucky high sticking players i will throw up."

i quickly got furios at this random guy that i never even talked to. i dont know why i just exploded.

" maybe thats because your team is making you think all the wrong way. just for future info they high sticked once in the last season and once this season hardly can be considered bad skills if you ask me."

" maybe i should ask you from now on you seem to know what your talking about." he said with a smirk. everyone around him started laughing.

" i also think you kinda stole my look."

" last time i checked wannabe goth was my style."

" maybe you haven't heard but im the only wannabe goth in this school." i said returning his smirk.

" i guess i should learn from the master."


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