Story of My Life *Completed*

I want you all to know that there will be a lot of memory, flashback type things :) hope you enjoy.
I'm Jade, I am going to visit my best mate Harry Styles, yes THE Harry Styles from One Direction, I am nervous of how he will react to seeing me again...


9. Chapter 9

“Come on.” I say, getting out and he follows me to the door. “Why are we here?” He asks and I shush him and open the door and we quietly go inside and upstairs. “Lynn!” I hear someone say and I turn and gag. Harry pushes me toward the door. I push it open quickly and Harry walks in. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” Harry yells and Lynn screams and covers herself. “Harry, I was going to tell you, I got married two years ago.” She says and he clenches his fists and I grab his hands and unclench them.


“Don’t you ever fucking touch her again!” Harry screams at my ex and he clenches his fists and I grab his fists helplessly. “Harry stop!” I yell and he looks at me. “JADE HE HIT YOU!” He yells in my face and my eyes well up with tears. His face softens and then hardens again and he goes back to looking at my ex, me unclenching his fists. “You better be lucky.” He whispers deadly to him and I bite my lip. “Let’s go.” I say and he turns and we walk away.


I take him outside and he starts punching her door. “Stop,” I say and he turns on me and I jump. “Don’t even.” I say and I think back to my dad. “I would never.” He says, hugging me. “Spare me the I told you so, ok?” He asks and I shrug. He pulls out a small black box and opens and reveals a bright diamond ring. “I was going to propose.” He says and my heart stops. “Harry, I just want you to trust me when I say things like that, I don’t want you to get hurt. I didn’t expect that but I knew there was something about her.” I say and he nods and we sit in the car and I take him to get to ice cream.


“Thank you.” Harry says and I look at him. “I’m your mate.” I say, winking and he smiles. “You are amazing.” He says and I giggle and my nose crinkles and I cover it. “Stop it.” He says, scooting next to me and pulling my hand away and I look at him and he just leans in and kisses me. Not like our first kiss, more passionate. “Harry? New girlfriend?” I hear someone ask and he looks up and he groans. I turn and there is a guy with a camera and he grabs my hand and pulls me up and we start running back to the car and I hop in and drive him and I back to his flat.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies!! Jade was successful in making him see the real Lynn!!! She even got a kiss ;) -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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