Story of My Life *Completed*

I want you all to know that there will be a lot of memory, flashback type things :) hope you enjoy.
I'm Jade, I am going to visit my best mate Harry Styles, yes THE Harry Styles from One Direction, I am nervous of how he will react to seeing me again...


8. Chapter 8

I shut the door to my hotel room and I lie down on the bed and stare at the ceiling. I close my eyes and just let everything disappear, leaving my mind blank as I fall asleep.


The next morning, I wake up to banging on my door. I sigh and get up and go and answer the door. “You little bitch.” Lynn says and I look at her confused and just stare at her. “What?” I ask and she pushes me, barely. “You told Harry that I am gold digger, um no, I love him.” She says and I roll my eyes. “For his money, if anyone loves him, it’s me.” I say but then I stop. Did I just say that out loud? “You are just another girl who falls in love with him and not get him but see I was amazing for him enough to date him and I get his money, I mean love.” She says and I shake my head. “Get out!” I yell and she smirks and turns on her heel and leaves. I shake my head and stare at the ground and sit back down.


I decide to go to the bistro and I see Lynn and Ha- wait, that’s not Harry. “Who are you?” I ask the guy when Lynn leaves. “Lynn’s husband,” he says and I bite my lip. “What are you doing now?” I ask and he smirks. “Going back to her place,” he says and I make a face. “Pig,” I say and then I leave and go to Harry’s house.


“Hey Jade, Harry’s in his room.” Anne says and I nod and run there and I walk in and he is naked, soak and wet, must have just gotten out of the shower. “Haz,” I say and he turns and then he covers himself. “What the hell!” He shouts and I giggle.


“Harry, get out!” I shout, covering my bare breasts and looking for my towel. “Calm down, we used to take baths together.” He says, smirking and leaning against the doorway. “I don’t care! Get out until I am dressed!” I say and he laughs and leaves.


“Get dressed now!” I say, throwing him his boxers and shirt and jeans. He quickly puts on his boxers and switches into wearing sweats and he picks up his shirt and I just grab his hand and pull him out of his room and grab his shoes and then I take him to the car. I push him in my car and I start driving to Lynn’s house.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies, SHIT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;) P.S. Spoiler Alert

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