Story of My Life *Completed*

I want you all to know that there will be a lot of memory, flashback type things :) hope you enjoy.
I'm Jade, I am going to visit my best mate Harry Styles, yes THE Harry Styles from One Direction, I am nervous of how he will react to seeing me again...


13. Chapter 13

~~The next morning I wake up and Harry is playing with my hair. “Harold, please stop messing with my hair, I am trying to sleep.” I say and he pokes my back. I turn toward him and he smiles down at me. “Meanie,” I say and he gasps. “No!” He says, popping his bottom lip out and I poke it. “Fine but I would like to get some sleep.” I say and he pouts. “I want to hang out with you though.” He says, twirling my hair around his finger. “Do it later!” I whine, closing my eyes again and he runs his finger down my spine and I shiver. “I hate you.” I say and he gasps. “Jade!” He says and I smile. “You made me this way.” I say, turning toward him. “I am becoming attracted to you.” He says and I roll my eyes. “Harry, get out.” I say, laughing and he wraps his arms around me. “Calm down.” He says and presses his forehead against mine and I stare into his green eyes. “Can I please go back to sleep?” I ask but he shakes his head, his curls tickling my forehead. “Sleeping in the living room tonight,” I say and he laughs and kisses my nose. “Go back to sleep grumpy.” He says and I smile. “Thank you curly.” I say and turn away from him and close my eyes. He starts tickling me. “I am going to kill you!” I say in between laughing fits. He sits on me and starts tickling my sides again and I try moving his hands but he is stronger than me. “FINE I AM UP!” I yell, sitting up and he smirks. “Good girl.” He says and I glare at him. I get up and go into the kitchen where he, Anne, Dallas, and Gemma are sitting. I sit next to Dallas and start eating the cereal that is set in front of me.

“What are your plans for today?” Liam asks me and I shrug. “I don’t know.” I say into the phone since I know he didn’t see me shrug. “Well the lads and I wanted to cook out, at a park.” He says and I smile. “That sounds fun!” I say and he laughs. “Tell Harry and come over, love you.” He says and I blush. “I love you too.” I say and we hang up and I go to Harry’s room where he is drying his curls. “Haz, we are going to a cook out today.” I say and he looks at me and nods. “Cool.” He says and I nod and I search my bag for something to wear. “Hey, I got you something.” He says and I turn and he throws a box at me and I open it and lying in it is a black dress. “Is this my prom dress?” I ask and he smiles. “This was your favorite dress.” He says and I walk over and hug him. “Thank you Haz!” I say, kissing his cheek and then stripping off my clothes and throwing them on his bed and slipping on the dress. “You look breathtakingly gorgeous.” He says, staring at me and he walks up and he takes the hair tie out of my hair, letting my brown ringlets drop down my back. “You are such a dork.” I say, kissing his dimple and then walking into the bathroom. I put on some mascara and turn and run into Harry’s chest. “What have I told you before?” He asks and I roll my eyes and grab his hand and pull him outside and to his car.

“Hey babe,” I say, walking up to Liam and he turns and smiles at me and kisses me. “Hey Niall, I heard you make the best food!” I say and he shrugs. “You are going to find out!” He says and I smile and walk over to where Louis and Zayn are playing one on one football and Harry is sitting in a chair, watching them. “It’s Jade!” Louis yells but still manages to keep the ball away from Zayn. “Hey Jade!” Zayn says, trying to get the ball away from him but fails. “I take on Lou next!” I shout, smirking. “Oh, it’s on Montgomery.” He says, making it into the net. “We play to ten.” Louis says and I sigh. “I am in a dress and heels.” I say and then I pop off the heels and pull my hair back and smile at him. I take the ball away and start kicking it down to my goal and I kick it and it goes in. “Good job.” He says and I smile. We play to ten, me winning and I grab my heels and put them on a picnic table and I sit down and put my hair down. “You beat the Tommo?” Liam asks and I nod. “You’re a legend.” He says and I giggle.
“You have serious skills!” Harry says, picking up the football and I roll my eyes. “I am just better than you, the non athlete.” I say and he laughs. “Someday we will prove this logic.” He says and I laugh. “Whatever you say Styles,” I say and he smirks.

We start eating and laughing about things that they did on tour and in the bus. “Do you guys get into fights?” I ask and Harry shrugs. “Barely, the worst that happened was Liam threw a shoe.” Harry says and I burst out laughing. “Harry used to pull my hair because I would color a kitten that he wanted to!” I say and they laugh and Harry shrugs. “I called dibs.” He says and I pinch his cheek. “I had the crayons!” I say and he laughs.

Authors Note

She beat Tommo, in her little black dress :D. Now I want you guys to know that the next chapter will be a little emotional, I am not going to lie to you, I almost started crying while I was writing it. -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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