Story of My Life *Completed*

I want you all to know that there will be a lot of memory, flashback type things :) hope you enjoy.
I'm Jade, I am going to visit my best mate Harry Styles, yes THE Harry Styles from One Direction, I am nervous of how he will react to seeing me again...


1. Chapter 1

“Tag, you’re it!” Harry yells and I go off chasing him. “I got you!” I scream. “No you didn’t!” He yells back and I nod my head. “Mum!” Harry screams and I push him and he pushes me. “Jade, Harry, stop it now!” Anne screams and we look at her, our faces red. “Sorry.” We both say and she smiles at us. “Good, now come inside because I made cookies.” She says and Harry and I race inside.

I stare out the window, a little scared to see my childhood friend again, especially since he is now in the biggest boy band in the world. I watch the rain slide down the window and sigh. “Don’t be nervous.” My older brother Dallas says and I look at him and I shrug. “I can’t help it.” I say and he pokes my cheek. “He will love seeing you again.” He says and I smile. “Thanks Dallas.” I say and he pulls up to a brown house and parks. “Here we go.” I mutter under my breath and we get out and go to the door. He knocks on the door and a lady with brownish hair looks at us and smiles. “Hi.” She says and my heart skips a beat, she doesn’t remember us. “Anne.” I say and she looks at me and then her eyes widen. “Jade? Dallas?” She asks and we nod and she steps outside and hugs us both. “Is Gemma here?” Dallas asks and she nods. He goes inside and I stand out in the rain. “Would you like to come inside?” She asks but I shake my head. “No, can you just bring Harry out here?” I ask and she nods and disappears. I stare at my childhood house and turn and my eyes stare back into green ones.
Authors Note

Flashbacks will be in bold, like so above, this is my new mov and there are a lot of flashbacks so :D I hope you like! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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