Santa says Hello!

Daniella Fitz is a girl who has always looked forward to Christmas. But she never believed in Santa Claus. Why should she? He wasn't real. Then she meets Harry Styles. Now to prove him wrong, she decides to sleep next to the tree with a fire burning on Christmas Eve.


7. Waking up

Harry's POV

So when I wake up, I saw Dani sleeping and she was just so pretty. So I stared at her until she said, "Can you not stare at me? I know I'm beautiful and all, but please, it's awkward and rude."

I laugh and say,

"Sorry. You have a little drool though."

She wipes at her face and I help her out of the blankets. She goes to the bathroom and comes out in a black dress. I laugh and start singing,

"Little black dress..."

She throws a pillow and says,

"it's Christmas Eve! Let's roll!"

So I brush my teeth and we eat cereal for breakfast. She goes to her house and her mom comes over.

"Do you like Dani?" If Dani knew about this, she would definitely not be happy. I shrug and she says, "She says she's going out with that Luca kid but his mom said he's only planning a prank o her. Can you stop her?"

I would hate to see Dani get hurt. She was so cute and funny and sarcastic and violent and...I am kidding of course. She's so pretty and cute, why would anyone want to hurt her. Probably because of her brains. She was so smart. She argues like a pro. So I tell her I will try my best and she gives me a hug and runs back to her house. At around 3, I walk over, because her date is at 3:30 apparently. I plop myself down in her room and eat a tin of cookies I bought at a store 3 hours away. She walks in and says,

"Mind if I have some?"

"If you believe in Santa Claus."

That just led to a new argument about Santa Claus. I believed in Santa Claus because I met him and saw him when i was younger. We ate cookies and argued until it was 4:30. I see a car drive up and she squeals,

"I'm late and I didn't even do my hair!"

I walk downstairs, giving her time and open the door. She walks down the stairs when I open the door and a flour bomb hits me. Jeremy and his friends and their slutty girlfriends are all laughing until they realize its not Dani. I smile and say,

"If you want to hurt me, you're going to have to do better than flour. I worked at a bakery."

Jeremy's slutty girlfriend Amy? squealed and said,

"You're Harry Styles! Can you marry me?"

The other girls all agreed. I snort and say,

"1, you have boyfriends, 2, you flourbombed me, and 3, I have a girlfriend. She's the one you want to humiliate and make cry. Sorry. That's why Dani couldn't make it. She was with me the whole time. Now if you'll excuse us..."

I close the door and Dani is frozen on the stairs.

"Help me get the flour off?"

She hands me some clean clothes and asked,

"How did you know?"

"Your mom told me."

She started crying and then said after she stopped,

"I'll camp out in the living room just to prove that Santa is not real."

"Aren't you sad about what happened?"

"To my surprise, I'm not that surprised and it doesn't hurt that much."

Oh, well that went well.


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