Santa says Hello!

Daniella Fitz is a girl who has always looked forward to Christmas. But she never believed in Santa Claus. Why should she? He wasn't real. Then she meets Harry Styles. Now to prove him wrong, she decides to sleep next to the tree with a fire burning on Christmas Eve.


8. Hi! Umm...Santa?

Dani's POV

So I parked myself in front of the fireplace, fire burning, cookies out, sleeping bag out. I was going to prove Harry Styles wrong. So I fall asleep, but I wake up and almost faint. There was a man with a white trim beard and a red Valentino suit on next to the tree. He smiles and waves.

"Hello Daniella."

I wave and ask,

"Who are you?"

He laughs and says,

"I'm Santa Claus."

"Santa wears a tacky suit and is fat and has an icky beard."

"Styles change. Fat, beards, and tacky suits aren't cool."

"Oh, sorry."

"Have a present."

I open the box. It was empty. I look at him and he says,

"There's a brown haired boy in your future."

"How do I know its him. A billion boys have brown hair."

"He'll have a butterfly tattoo."

He points at the cookies and says,

"Those were delicious. Tell your mother thank you. Oh and she'll be at Christmas brunch when you awaken."

Suddenly a white mist came and he was gone. I was asleep after that. Harry woke me up.

"Did he come?"

I nod and he grins. Wait, he wasn't wearing a shirt. Butterfly tattoo. I touch it and he looks at me. I ask,

"Where's my present?"

He grins and hands me a box. I open it and its a little plant sprig.

"Umm, thanks?"

He laughs and takes the hand that was holding it and lifts it over my head, bends down and kisses me. Whoa. And kisses me and kisses me. It was hot and heavenly. Afterwards he smirks and says,


laugh and ask,

"Is my mom at brunch?"

He nods and says,

"She'll be back in 3 hours."

I kiss him again and his hands slide up my shirt. He winks and asks,

"Do you want to be my girl?"

I nod happily. Santa was right. I found love in a brown haired boy with a butterfly tattoo. He kisses me again, picks me up, and we go to my room.

Harry's POV

It never hurt to have Santa as a contact on your phone. Plus, I had a beautiful girlfriend. Merry Christmas everyone!


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