Santa says Hello!

Daniella Fitz is a girl who has always looked forward to Christmas. But she never believed in Santa Claus. Why should she? He wasn't real. Then she meets Harry Styles. Now to prove him wrong, she decides to sleep next to the tree with a fire burning on Christmas Eve.


2. Harry Styles' POV on little Dani (dislike?)

Harry's POV

I would really like to know why my tour bus got a flat in the middle of some obscure town. But anyways, it was my fault for listening to Kendall. She wanted to meet me and then ditched me to go to Bali or something with the Kardashians. Then Paul wanted me to go to Mexico and boom, flat tire. It was almost Christmas and well, what do I do now? So I was trying to sleep in the bus when I hear someone talking down below. I debate on whether to put a shirt on or not and then notice that the stranger talking was of the female variety. I walk out in my skinny jeans and smile. The bus driver was haggling over the tire and trying to fix it. She was just standing there with an impatient look.

"What's going on?"

She looks annoyed at me and says,

"This man just threw a hammer at my car!"

The bus driver looks annoyed and says,

"Oh please, old lady, you came into contact with my hammer!"

She sighs and says,

"I'm only 17! You're like 30!"

"29, thank you, but you dress like a granny."

I snicker and she glares at me. She runs a hand through her hair and asks,

"So you're not going to do anything about it?"

"Don't bother Harry Styles with your problem! Go away!"

"I don't care what Style he has, I just want my windshield to be replaced."

She didn't know who I was. The bus driver looks at her and says,

"You don't know who he is?"

She shakes her head and then sighs,

"Be like that, then. Bye."

We both look at her and I see she walks into the house next door to Louis' house in SoCal. I guess we were going to see more of her. I should get some more sleep.

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