He Could Be The One


2. Lissa Lissa💕

Just so you know here's what I look like:

-Auburn Hair color (not brown or red but right in the middle)

- green, green eyes (VERY bright green)

- pretty tan but not like fake tan

- skinny and short (around 5")

- a couple zits here and there but not more than 3

If you ask me I'd say I'm okay. In not drop dead gorgeous but I'm not butt ugly either. I guess I'm pretty. You'd have to ask some of my friends and family I guess. But Harry only dates perfect girls. He's dated Chelsea who gorgeous and over all stunning and Sydney who isn't that pretty but her personality is amazing. It would be a miracle if he even knew my name. But to my surprise he does. He does know my name. Wow. Shocker right? But if you ask me I'm just not the type of girl that guys fall in love with. I've had one boyfriend and it was in preschool. I don't usually fall for guys. Especially guys in seventh grade. But Harry is different. He's the top soccer player in the state, he's an honor roll student, he's funny, gorgeous, and he can sing like an angel.

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